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  1. Right hand brace for impact vs force across the shaft?
  2. gripping the club all the way to the end? or leave a little butt sticking out?
  3. New release thread with slightly cup wrist / thumb under the shaft
  4. Ball and club head contact time & velocity after launching the ball
  5. I am leaning towards...
  6. friend's mom gave him a master's green jacket...how much is it worth?
  7. Nice release?
  8. Why do I hit it like an old man/15 year old girl?
  9. CPP Doing it wrong?
  10. Project X 6.0
  11. OK first time swing post, let's have it
  12. The Release - TourStriker
  13. Kevin Shields Tour School?
  14. DTL - letting it go
  15. Lexi Thompson
  16. Release action
  17. Trackman shoe data?
  18. Here's your chance to post your putting teaching, without being picked apart.
  19. Jamie Sadlowski
  20. "The Release" equals personal best
  21. Hitting balls down on the knee
  22. Tiger Woods and The Release
  23. SAVE THE DATE: ANTI-SUMMIT II - December 5th & 6th - Long Island, New York
  24. KJ's carry
  25. The trap
  26. World #1 Player Reviews (Brian reviews Duval)
  27. Pivoting like Crazy is Crazy....Can we explore this
  28. Flightscope and trackman question
  29. Arms out racing the body vs body out racing the arms during the backswing
  30. Romo and Chamblee
  31. my new golf swing, very compact. Hit about 340 in the air
  32. the victim of holding the lag?
  33. Ben Crane's trackman
  34. Watch out for a Naked Golf Instructor
  35. Level 1 - GTE Seminar - LONG ISLAND - October 11th
  36. Putting: How much forward shaft lean?
  37. Clubpaths, and Hogan vs. Tiger 2000
  38. Greetings from China....
  39. Is NSA intended for long Irons and Woods?
  40. Since everyone else is doing it part 2
  41. CHRONICALLY too steep in transition. Cannot get in the slot. PLEASE HELP!
  42. Which golf superpower would you most like to possess?
  43. Bobby Jones explanation of the backswing -vid-
  44. A Fresh Clearer Look at Ben Hogan and Bobby Jones
  45. Played The Pete Dye Course at French Lick in June.
  46. Beyond Mechanics - The Mental Game
  47. The return of the flip
  48. Let's say you can hit the ball straight, shaping shots you want, scoring well
  49. Classic under rotated left arm?
  50. Half swing vs Full Swing
  51. Need a Course Recommendation ... Gulf Shores, Alabama
  52. How many of you are in this boat..?
  53. Struggling with "the release"? shallow the arc
  54. Need some feedback and your opinion...
  55. Belly Putter going in the bag!!
  56. Interested in starting over
  57. "The Release" and Distance From the Ball??
  58. Forearm at impact
  59. Short game questions
  60. The Kevin Shields Tour Pitch
  61. Push problem again -video-
  62. NSA pivot and pop-out
  63. Wonder why baseball players always waggle their bat on the top of their swing?
  64. Low Point Control - Fat Shots (30-60 yard shots)
  65. Right shoulder coupling shrugging and the left arm swinging across the chest
  67. Release thread: brief summary
  68. there MUST be a lot of weight on the right foot at impact. A lot. Does that apply
  69. This kid has a really nice swing!
  70. Phil...what's more interesting???
  71. Swing Comments?
  72. Less control hitting up on driver?
  73. Rocco's comments about Tiger and his coaching
  74. Kevin Shields teeing it up on the Nationwide Tour today
  75. Spin Axis Tilt - Amount of Curvature
  76. Case Study?
  77. Jimmy Bruen Video
  78. Tiger Woods' speech at ESPY
  79. I have found myself the perfect camera for golf swing, the Phantom
  80. My friend has been hooking the ball, any ideas? -video-
  81. Post your height and putter length !!
  82. Casio EX-FS10 - USB Cord
  83. New Revelations about Release and Underplaners?
  84. FATS Follow-up questions
  85. Over Swinging
  86. Feedback needed on camera video system without electrical plug in
  87. Brian Manzella TOUR STOP - Atlanta, Georgia (Canton) - October 6th & 7th SOLD OUT!!!
  88. putting hypnosis?
  89. US Amateur
  90. high back model
  91. Scotty Cameron Buttonback Del Mar..worth it?
  94. How do you setup your body open to the target?
  95. What does the new release mean for the underplaner?
  96. Harrison Shot Maker
  97. Wide on the downswing
  98. The Release w/Brian Manzella & Michael Jacobs
  99. Bubba
  100. My house got robbed
  101. Twist away vs. 1/4 turn
  102. Rare video of manzella on keyboard in 70s.......
  103. Playing @ Southern California Eagle Glen with friends
  104. Crossing gaurd drill getting my pivot down, but still need work
  105. Please help me get un-stuck :-) ??
  106. Jack NIcklaus Lesson Tee, great read?
  107. Huge block slices, NHA 2.0, and perhaps some diagnosis...
  108. Why does this work?
  109. Lake Presidential Tour Stop Report
  110. Trouble trying to imagine hips and clubface at impact.
  111. what do you think of the tomi.
  112. D-plane basics
  113. Is this possible?
  114. Improving lie
  115. manzella drill
  116. Swing advice, low handicapper
  117. BRIAN MANZELLA TOUR STOP - PITTSBURGH - September 22nd & 23rd, 2011
  118. Across the line at the top
  119. Soft Draw/Swivel Question
  120. Shaft length and lie angles
  121. KBS shaft question
  122. The secret of golf is actually hitting through the ball instead of hitting the ball
  123. Thanks to Bmaz
  124. Lesson with Bill Mckinney
  125. Peep this new junt
  126. President Cup Picks
  127. Trouble with open face at impact
  128. Manzella: Hardest working man in golf...and as good as advertised
  129. Questions about finish and across the line golf gurus come in here!
  130. Pull hooks with driver - upcoming club championship, need million dollar lesson :)
  131. Exercises
  132. What do you have to do to hit your Pitching wedge 160 yards?
  133. Newbie here
  134. HELP MY SWING PLEASE! The Wife is getting fed up with all my tinkering!
  135. Kirk Currie laser
  136. Where does this pivot go in the Manzella matrix?
  137. how is VSP measured
  138. A Grand in the Bank
  139. Standing Up in the Backswing
  140. Tiger questions (not bashings)
  141. Well it finally happened!
  142. I cannot believe
  143. "Moneygolf"
  144. Video: pitching practice from the PGA
  145. U.S. Women's Am in RI --- Austin Earnst
  146. Pressure Points Discovery
  147. oh wow she hit the can
  148. Is Woods too big?
  149. HItting so good...thanks Manzella!!! you the man.
  150. Notes from The PGA Championship
  151. Lee Trevino slicing his divot
  152. I just watched some of Tiger's swings today and.......
  153. Pivot through impact
  154. Have a look - Trained eyes only!
  155. Confusion about Confessions . . .
  156. Todays show is brought to you by the number 77
  157. Fiddle Drill Question
  158. NHA power leak.
  159. Irons vs Woods , different swing?
  160. Australian Institute of Sport - Golf program
  161. Almost...almost just threw the driver into the woods and walked off...
  162. What putter does David Toms use?
  163. What's happened to V.J.?
  164. Steep in Transition and Path
  165. NEW! Brian Manzella TrackMan Interview (shot in January 2011)
  166. Is it possible to create tour golfers?
  167. Opening & Closing Stance to Accomodate D-Plane
  168. Trackman and Clubhead Speed Question
  169. forward press when putting?
  170. Rules decision... you make the call.
  171. Flipping and inconsistency
  172. POLL - Anchoring putters to the body
  173. chipping thoughts
  174. Low Handicapper - Massively Shutting Down Face at Impact - Advice?
  175. 60-70 yards off line
  176. Shout out!
  177. Flat front foot?
  178. Slowing down a back swing
  179. caddie interview
  180. New here, wanted to thank Brian
  181. Adam Scott.....
  182. "Learning" what you already know
  183. "Stable lower body" on certain greenside shots
  184. Pro style wedge shots
  185. So nice to see the young guys playing well
  186. whatever happened to the old reverse K finish?
  187. Where is Mandrin???
  188. Is this natural
  189. totally unrelated to golf
  190. Popout's effect
  191. What do you guys think of Hands first then body (feel is not real) by tiger woods?
  192. Questions on flipping, not flipping, and the associated ball flights
  193. Brian Manzella featured in Newsday
  194. Just curious
  195. Is Tiger toying with another putter switch?
  196. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Lindsay Gahm signs with LSU
  197. Tiger video
  198. Axis Tilt and Swinging Leftt
  199. Definitely getting there but..
  200. The importance of "feeling" shaft bend/torque/kick...
  201. Books on Course Strategy and Management?
  202. My cure for over the top
  203. I hit better when I use my right arm instead of my left arm....(long read)
  204. NYTIMES article on the perils of contemporary golf teaching
  205. Scotland and Ireland - Just Got Back
  206. got blades?
  207. Downswing start
  208. few questions
  209. Courses around Santa Barbara
  210. Swing Weight...what do you prefer?
  211. Help with my son's driver swing
  212. Right Elbow?
  213. Super Streaky Ball Striking
  214. Looking for face on swing sequences of Rory, Darren or Graeme
  215. guess whos back......tigers back
  216. setup...pushing the club down with your palms or just hang lose?
  217. ESPN article on college golf
  218. Before and after Never slice again
  219. Standing up in the downswing
  220. Current thinking on lag
  221. Tiger's New Home Practice Facility
  222. NEW Brian Manzella Free Video from Golf.com - Hips, Hands, Clubhead
  223. News for Long Island Ultimate Golf School
  224. Non-Golf, science related though -- Case Study of speed on Usain Bolt
  225. My Golfing's Over for a While
  226. Ok, I'm gonna finally take the plunge...
  227. Brian Manzella LOUISVILLE TOUR STOP - August 15th, 16th, 17th
  228. Mickelson talks British Open, Tiger
  229. Congratulations Kevin Shields
  230. My Left Foot
  231. Putter idea
  232. O'Hair Pattern Changes
  233. Interesting Article on National Curriculum for Soccer-Could it happen in golf?
  234. Marius Golf
  235. Can it be a bad thing to move your left shoulder too far up?
  236. Driver is killing my score.
  237. Early turn vs late turn
  238. Late vs Early
  239. My Swing
  240. LONG ISLAND TOUR STOP - private lesson with Brian availablity
  241. Thank you sooooo much Kevin Shields and Lindsey Newman
  242. The PGA is in Canada.
  243. Overly dominant left arm
  244. Nationwide Tour: Observations
  245. Some rules reminders....
  246. Bunker Help
  247. Jordan Spieth's Golf Swing
  248. Weight Distribution at Setup
  249. Flat Left Wrist - Strength
  250. Ever miss the ball from the inside?