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  1. Ideas about the release => high ball flight
  2. Why do the new videos seem so different from the old ones?
  3. toe weighting in driver vs. putter
  4. Going Normal...
  5. Sadlowski's Music
  6. Cswing
  7. New swing
  8. golf ball stacker
  9. Question about the "Ideas about the release"
  10. Clarification on a couple of points on the Release - short video answer by Brian
  11. My swing and the new release: Going in the right direction?
  12. Turning the back to the target and the Underplaner
  13. New Release - Luke Donald
  14. He dont need early release
  15. New Release - before and after
  16. No tug rule vs back to target (for as long you can)
  17. Tiger Clinches President's Cup
  18. Way to go Mr. Toms
  19. Things we now know for sure - by Brian Manzella
  20. Catching it thin
  21. Non Golf: Not a banner year...
  22. D plane application questions
  23. Release Video - Problem Viewing
  24. New release; the grip
  25. Key muscles/ideas in creating club-head speed
  26. Tiger "swinging left"
  27. how come most pros are bald?
  28. Tiger's new setup
  29. the new release....more on the draw side?
  30. Geoff Ogilvy's moustache
  31. Speed training for "high end" players?
  32. Webb Simpson"s swing looks a little odd
  33. Can you have not enough spin with the driver?
  34. Help my back, please.
  35. Arm/Hand speed versus pivot
  36. Jason "All" Day
  37. Relationship between Angle of Attack, HSP, and clubpath.
  38. The Release and Divot
  39. Coupling point: tour pros versus us
  40. Sometimes you have to pull the plug...
  41. Baddeley's tee shot
  42. Extending flat spot
  43. Haven't sliced yet
  44. Unfair Greens in Melbourne?
  45. Chipping issues - FLW-itis in the short game
  46. Nothing new but...
  47. Mike Austin Swing Analysis
  48. Backswing Pivot (with a Brian Manzella video answer)
  49. Just Watched the 'Ideas on the release. How am I doing?
  50. Tiger Woods press conference
  51. The release and putting (with a Brian Manzella video answer)
  52. For those attending the Anti-Summit on Long Island......
  53. old vids
  54. Knowing when your back is at the target...
  55. Help for a friend
  56. Jon Gustin
  57. My Transition Stinks
  58. Troubleshooting Streaming & Download of "Ideas about The Release" video
  59. Ideas about The Release - a video by Brian Manzella (comments/reviews)
  60. Handicap vs. Expected Score Playing for Cash
  61. Time to talk Tiger again...
  62. how can i get more messages for my inbox
  63. Nicklaus Swing (age 15)
  64. Lead Tape
  65. Reasons Why Average Driving Distance Is Now Over 290 Yards
  66. Lag, Release, Clubhead Speed, Swing Direction, Angle of Attack, Clubface, etc.
  67. Socal Crew meet
  68. omg this lady just explained golf swing in few minutes LOL
  69. is this too open at the top?
  70. Back weighting clubs - helpful or gimmic?
  71. Chipping
  72. how do you handle burnout..
  73. Left knee moving towards the ball and hips rotating outside of left leg
  74. GC2 Launch Monitor
  75. "Going normal."
  76. Video Camera Questions
  77. bounce on the wedges
  78. Good sentence. This from a Nobel prize winner.
  79. On the backswing, what is 'the feel' with respect hip turn and shoulder turn?
  80. An open post to Brian Manzella and Michael Jacobs
  81. Kaymer's Possible D-Plane Strategy
  82. Lag in the shaft
  83. The shoulders and the little guys
  84. Doin' the Robot......
  85. Is there a preferred clubface/sweetspot alignment with the "new release'....
  86. From the ground up???
  87. ETA on the"Tour Release" video
  88. Optimal Weightshift or Conversion Factor between handicaps
  89. Brian, will you be in Tuscalossa Saturday?
  90. Need some help
  91. Wrist position at top and release
  92. What do you see?
  93. which one is better?
  94. Need a little help please.....
  95. Trackman Angle of Attack question
  96. New Trackman
  97. what's your driver weight and 3 wood weight?
  98. Michael Bentley post about effiecient body measurements during the golf swing.....
  99. do baseball players have one-plane or two-plane swings?
  100. Of bomb dropping and golf ball landing.
  101. Shaft FCM estimate
  102. Vimeo
  103. Rear Shoulder Video - Explosive Golf Show
  104. broke 80 today :)
  105. Who's swing?
  106. Flexion, extension and twistaway.
  107. Understanding the Kinetic Sequence with Project 1.68
  108. GROOVES and SPIN
  109. any golf apps on iphone worth downloading?
  110. Distances with the "never hook again" pattern
  111. PGA Tour Qualifying School
  112. Never Hook Again compared to a One Plane (rotary swing)
  113. 2D vs. 3D models and other things - Video Answers by Manzella & Jacobs
  114. Clearing my hips
  115. An Invitation from Brian Manzella
  116. Long/over-rotated Backswing + Accross the line = outside in path?
  117. Robert Grober lecture in July 2006......
  118. open stance, weak grip = short and right, correct?
  119. Trackman - Options and Alternatives
  120. 18 holes
  122. Improving Hand Speed
  123. Recommend a certain grip?
  124. Can somebody explain to me about the club head and shaft relative to your swing?
  126. Just took a proper BEAT DOWN!
  127. Standing the club up?
  128. Ideas for getting laid off at the top?
  129. A Change is Coming
  130. so let me get this straight -pulling ball flight-
  131. diamana kai'li shaft is the bomb
  132. TM Tour Player Data PDF's
  133. BRILLIANT STUFF from Steve Jobs
  134. These guys had golf figured out long time ago
  135. friends' wife playing gofl
  136. Right Wrist Release vs FATS
  137. Do these 2 parallel developments share the same origin?
  138. Fuji Film HS20
  139. Wedding ring up and the 'new' release position
  140. James M. Self Jr. - December 16, 1929 - October 15, 2011
  141. I'm addicted to buying gears
  142. new findings on increasing your swing speed?
  143. Mike's latest video on the grip
  144. Rob Neal and JAGR article
  145. Never Slice Again 3 Lesson
  146. Did Webb Simpson's attitude bother you?
  147. Miura - parametric acceleration
  148. Question on Range of Motion of Leading wrist during and after Release
  149. The Coupling Point Release in Action
  150. Handle Dragging to Free Release Drills
  151. Tom Lewis
  152. Good simple golf
  153. Shafts and effects for you fitting gurus
  154. Club face squaring and torque about coupling point
  155. Golf Apps for iPhone
  156. Case study on release and lag: Help This Junior, Senor.
  157. TeeAce graphs
  158. Why does reverse tumbling work for some?
  159. Trying to make sense of underplane early spinout goat humping and the new release
  160. For your amusement, my swing
  161. Never Slice again did it again at the range
  162. Jim Mclean in new Golf Digest
  163. If you get to pick any 10 course to play for free
  164. GTE in Long Island
  165. what does it mean to make room for your backswing?
  166. Is Lag from the left shoulder through impact possible?
  167. Right heel off ground before impact.
  168. Top teachers getting some big fees.....
  169. A simple question or two
  170. favorite ball to play
  171. GTE & Flightscope Convention Come to town
  172. Has anybody experience stopping the swing on the way down?
  173. What a great game today between Bryce Molder and Briny Baird....
  174. GOLF inDIGESTion
  175. Can someone explain the basketball drill to me?
  176. What the club looks like on a 0 path by a PGA Tour Player "3 balls" from impact
  177. Is it ok to open the club face on the way up oppose to slighly shut?
  178. No force against the shaft (FATS)
  179. Seve Trick Shot Video
  180. Tiger's 2000 US Open Swing
  181. grip question
  182. "The Release" comes to life.....
  183. Right Hand Pushing Shaft During The Release
  184. Brian: soft draw 1.68
  185. Did Jamie Sadlowski model his swing after...
  186. Soft Draw for Driver and 3 Wood
  187. Steve Jobs 1955-2011
  188. Ideas on "not" lagging the club on short shots
  189. Brian: Based on my swing, what video would you recommend?
  190. Twistaway Move
  191. An afternoon with Moe Norman
  192. Tigers Current Swing?
  193. Reminder Grips
  194. the fastest flick / tumble
  195. Have not touched a club since my lesson
  196. Is drinking beer legal in a tournament?
  197. CASIO experts
  198. lot of pros bend 2 degrees down on their irons, therefore hitting it down even more?
  199. Kevin Na, nice whiff
  200. Line up
  201. A plan for lowering mine and my fathers scores.
  202. Left leg: should it straighten?
  203. The golfer's progress
  204. Michael Jacobs video - Office Offset Tip
  205. Trackman / PGA data
  206. How do Reverse Tumble, Tumble, and the "Flick" Release all fit together???
  207. The Ball
  208. One BM Video to restructure your swing
  209. My Non Golf Thread
  210. Interesting device?
  211. From "one method" to...what?
  212. How do you judge progress?
  213. Short game coupling point question
  214. Trying to not flip by concentrating on wrist positions is sheer lunacy
  215. My mind can't grasp coupling point hands away from target during an actual swing
  216. softdraw pattern anybody?
  217. Non Golf: It's finally official
  218. Driver, hitting up with de-lofted club
  219. Trouble putting it all together.....
  220. How would you go about rebuilding your swing?
  221. How do you hold your form..till the last few holes?
  222. Tiger Woods to hire Joe LaCava
  223. looks like Tiger's swing got worse and worse
  224. wow bubba watson had +9 today?
  225. Rocco Mediate
  226. Breakdown of Sunday Singles
  227. cause of a playable pull/hook
  228. TrackMan
  229. Chick Cup question...
  230. Michele wie's play
  231. ANTI SUMMIT II - December 5th & 6th, 2011 - Long Island, New York
  232. one of the greatest quote from Lee Trevino or what
  233. John Daly Quits Again
  234. Left wrist: What is the definitive Manzellean statement?
  235. Mizuno MX-100's.
  236. My lesson with Brian
  237. Website Re-directs
  238. Chipping Technique - Options?? What works best in practice
  239. Lesson with Brian
  240. it's really hard to shoot under par
  241. Hardest/toughest shot in golf.
  242. A day in Pittsburgh
  243. Just met the new Long Drive Champion...if he decides to ever compete
  244. Are tour players standing closer to the ball?
  245. Question for Kevin Shields on Nathan Smith
  246. Stinger and D-plane
  247. club fitting is very important.....r11 taylormade review
  248. Too big of a shoulder turn leads to hooks why?
  249. Your best "keep the face open through impact" tips
  250. Right index finger, "pressure point"