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    Default Sequencing

    Anyone have some good drill/ideas on how to get a better transition. I feel like I get my body moving to fast and my arms stay back too long. I know the swing isn't so called in sync but I feel disconnected. My arms then feel left behind and my body stops too much so I can catch up or I hit a wipe.

    I've tried hitting balls with my left heel in the air the entire swing and it helps me feel like the arms am body are working more effectively but a bit restricted cause you can't make a full follow through.

    Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Default No gain with pain

    Get yourself one of those "orange or yellow" alignment sticks aka "driveway markers" for those of us living in the snow belt! Insert it through the front 2 belt loops so that it is parallel to the target line at address. Make some slow, pitching like motions while keeping your arms in front of the stick. You will soon see and feel the correct relationship between the motion of the arms and the pivot of your hips or you will stab yourself bloody. I sometimes will use a thin dowel with a piece of grey pipe insultion attached to it. With this you can make fuller swings without the fear of impailment!
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