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    Unhappy Trackman - Ball spin threads?

    I distinctly remember posting to an interesting Trackman thread yesterday about this.

    I recall someone posting some interesting questions on how face angle is calculated from ball flight and spin (maybe Savydan?)

    Where did it go?

    To summarize:

    I wondered how much different ball types from high spin to low would change the given Trackman value for face angle.
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    Default STATEMENT:

    #1: This is NOT a "TrackMan" forum.

    Personally, I think the product is WONDERFUL, and the best ever for teaching. Everyone with a clue agrees with me.

    #2: Is the machine, its technology, accurate?

    Dr. Paul Wood from Ping has done more INDEPENDENT TESTING of this product then ALL OF THE FORUMS of the worldócombinedóever will.

    He is satisfied.

    The "little orange machine" is sitting there, Tracking PING MAN 5, all day long.

    #3: We have had a dozen of these TrackMan threads, and they all end the same.

    The flat earth society HATES the thing, the guys who teach without out it, all either because they DO NOT WANT THEIR TEACHING METHODOLOGY EXPOSED, or their teaching ability, or they want the world to continue to believe in REAL BALL PHYSICS.

    #4: The TrackMan folks have decided NOT to come to these forums to defend their product with science.

    I don't have enough time in my life to do this for them.

    This thread is closed.
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