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    Default Questions about finish and across the line golf gurus come in here!

    Do you have to finish with your chest facing your back? My chest is always some what towards the target and not turned all the way to the finish, does that mean i swing too much to the right?

    Now, we all heard that crossing the line is good, but how do you make about delivery the club to the ball? Do you have to swing like baseball swing? Does it need to have sweeping release? or elbow plane? The reason I'm asking is because everytime I'm across the line i feel like the club opens a bunch on the downswing, but I know this is a more advance and more powerful swing and therefore I want to learn about this down swing.

    Right now, I'm rotating my left arm towards the plane for my backswing, and I'm hitting well but I would also like to know how to swing with less left arm rotation aka Jack Nicklaus' swing.

    Are we just meant to swing the way our body wants us to swing? or can it be taught?

    any advice would be good


    p.s. if i'm being unclear, i can make a video and explain better.

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    not necessarily
    w/ face and path down target line hopefully
    doesn't hurt
    yes, if you understand the physics of what you need to make happen
    yes, to a point

    video ALWAYS helps...
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