Just thought that I would pass note the influence that Brian has had on my teaching over the last few year. Five years ago as a younge teaching professional I thought that I knew everything... boy was I wrong. Brian has opened my eyes to the many myths of the golf swing and has made me a much better teacher. Just today alone I had two student that were able to change their games drasitclly.

The first was one of my old hockey coaches that has had some lessons from me in the past but it had been a few years since I have seen him. A pretty athletic guy who is close to 60 yrs old, said he was struggling with his driver. Got him on the flightscope and let him hit a few ball without any comments. His five drives averaged 175-185 yards with a 7 degree out to in swing path and negative 4 degree angle of attack and 88mph clubhead speed... and a whopping 25-30 degrees of delivered loft. Took a couple of videos of him and showed him what he was doing and how to fix it. Got back on the tee and had him feel like he was swinging 1/2 speed and swining under the stick while he down arched his left wrist.. It took him about five pratice swing before I could see the correct motion starting to take place. Popped a ball down and told him to get the same feeling while still swinging a 1/2 speed.. first swing was 200 yrd down the pipe with about 4 degrees inside out and 2 or 3 degrees on the upswing with 14 degrees of delivered loft... you should have seen the look on the guys face. He just continued to hit ball after ball at a slower swing speed that was relatively straight and a few nice little draw that were 200 plus yards. Once he got really comfortable we got his swing speed back up to normal and his last couple of drives were 225 plus...It was awesome. He was so please he slipped my a 50 dollar tip.

The second was a athletic 35 yr old female that could slice it to towns over and was hitting it no farther than 150 yard wayyyyyy right.. Gaver her pretty much the same lesson and by the end she was hitting it a little over and under 200 yards pretty much straight with a huge smile on her face.

Thanks Bmanz

You are helping people hit better golf shots miles away from you and dont even know it.