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Thread: My Week at the 2012 Masters

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    Default My Week at the 2012 Masters

    It was a lot of work and I loved every minute of it.

    That is the best I can explain my week at the 2012 Masters. With some gallerying on the hilly "National," a massive amount of live lessons at the SI@The Majors tent, two videos shot—one live, a couple of great meals, and hanging with Rick Dandy, it was a week to remember and here are the Top 10 things I learned.

    1. There is no way to over prepare for any event, and if you get there early enough, you can make things right.

    Me and Rick are a good team, and we made some important last minute changes to the teaching area at the SI tent. There simply is no way to over think any event you are putting on or are a important part of.

    2. Never Slice Again is alive an well.

    Some folks just need it. At one point on my second day of teaching, we averaged increasing the distance of the folks we saw by 30 yards. This was over a 6 or 7 golfer stretch. No better way ever than good old NSA.

    3. You really are just a second tier guy until you are under that tree on the Augusta National Clubhouse lawn.

    But, I'm about 100 times closer to being there as a media member than I was 10 years ago.

    4. Everything you ever do in your career is helpful.

    All those "live lessons with a long line of students" days at the City Park Junior program, Jumbo Sports, Kroger, etc. etc. helped me a bunch.

    All those videos I've been doing lately, helped me tremendously when I had to do one LIVE in one take in front of 100 people.

    5. I could teach—for example Mike Jacobs—to swing EXACTLY like Bruce Lietzke and hit it GREAT doing it.

    Doesn't mean that is THE BEST pattern for competition for him.

    6. Augusta needs 150 less trees, no second cut, and few less yardage on about 3 or 4 holes.

    The winner might shoot 20-under, but it would be a MUCH better test of golf.

    7. Bad golfers need a lot of hand work.

    That's all I have to say about that.

    8. The are some non-golf pros on the internet who think they are "somebody" in this business.

    They are not only nobody, they are nonexistent in the big leagues.

    9. The best place to watch the best players in the world is at the Augusta National range.

    A flawless place in every way.

    10. I am nowhere #1 in this business, but whatever "number" I am, I am that number with a BULLET!

    It was a really good week at the SI@The Majors tent.

    "All you have is the HUB PATH and the force and torque you apply to the club—that's the whole swing."

    Brian Manzella is Golf Digest's 37th ranked teacher in the USA and is a three time Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor.

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    Thanks for the wrap up...Would love to know your conversation with Mike Bender, I like a lot of his ideas, he was one of the first guys I heard say the hands and arms should be the first to move at the start of the downswing instead of the hips.
    Formally known as Matt F., I changed due to another person taking the same screen name on another golf forum.

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    Photos are really cool Manz!

    May be time to hire a camera man when you do these trips, schools and educational talks.

    SI was lucky to have you there.

    nice work.

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    I always love these... what's said and what's not said. It helps knowing the author a little bit.

    I've been harping about that 2nd cut deal for a while. Couldn't agree more.

    Being in and around the golfing masses really drives home just how nonexistent some of the wannabes' voices actually are. Reality is a great place to live!

    Will you be at the other majors this year?
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    Thanks for the input Brian. Enjoyed your videos and observations. I agree whole heartedly about the second cut and the extra trees added.

    "It's what you learn after you know it all that counts" ---- John Wooden

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Manzella View Post
    5. I could teach—for example Mike Jacobs—to swing EXACTLY like Bruce Lietzke and hit it GREAT doing it.

    Doesn't mean that is THE BEST pattern for competition for him.
    And this is why I'm driving 4+ hours to come see you and not one of the hundred teaching pros that live closer to me. Thank you for being the Manz!
    At least now I understand why I suck at this game.

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    While we were doing our session at the SI@TheMajors, Brian was finishing up a lesson. I greeted the next in line, a young man who said he needed help. I mentioned that Brian worked with David Toms. He looked at me with a sparkle, and reached in his pocket. In his hand he unfolded a Players Scorecard stub from The Masters, and held it up: printed in black read, David Toms.

    I brought him over to Brian and said, "Go ahead and show Brian what you showed me."

    I told Brian, "There are no mistakes here."

    We just smiled and got busy.

    Here's a pic. from that day when we were at the Big Van.


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