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    Default No Hip Slide - Help

    I need some help/insight from anyone who is willing to share their knowledge. I recently had a lesson and we determined that I have literally no hip bump to the target on my downswing. I'm basically spinning my hips at a pretty fast speed and this is causing some serious inconsistencies in all parts of my ball striking (driver, irons, pitching). I've been working on trying to get the right feeling in my swing in order to get my hips to bump to the target, but I still have not found the right movement to get a consistent shift. I was told by a wise man to picture some LSU Golden Girls in front of the ball, which is certainly helpful!
    Can you guys give me some tips/drills/books or article/videos/training aids that I can work with in order to get my hips humping I'm open to anything at this point because I think this a spot in my golf swing that could really benefit my game. I really appreciate any help and I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say. Cheers.

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    Hello bgargin

    I am not the expert here but can suggest several thing to you.
    1, Use the search and enter ( hip slide ), and ( Slide ), then read them all.
    2. My memory suggests something like,try sliding away fom the target a small amount in the backswing so that you can reverse the movement when you are throwing your mass targetwards in the downswing.
    3. Look into the topic of ground forces. Hope that can get you started.

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    Learn this:

    I found the correct backswing to be my key to getting a good pelvic "bump". You have to have slack between the upper body and the lower body. You cannot do the backswing with "x-factor" type tightness. The main thing to realize is that the pelvis bump actually starts before the downswing--at about left arm parallel to the ground in the backswing.

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