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Thread: Pencil bag for the range

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    Default Pencil bag for the range


    I normally leave my big trolley bag in the locker at my club and put a few clubs into my pencil bag for the range.
    I normally take my SW (main club for chipping and pitching for me), a 7 iron, a wood or hybrid and my driver.

    I am wondering whether that is good in the long run if I only play with one iron on the range.

    If you only have one iron for practice, would you
    a) change it regular, e.g. one week a 7 the other week a 5 and then a 3
    b) choose an iron that is harder to hit than a 7 e.g. a 5 or even 3 iron. (i.e. if you can hit a 3 iron you can hit a 7 iron as well)
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    Rotate your wedges. They wear out and lose their "grip" too fast to just keep hitting the same one every time you go to the range.

    Take a 100-150 club. Should leave with a few options to rotate around. Do the same for 150-200, and for 200-250.
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    I agree with Mike. Rotate the wedges, rotate the mid irons and bring a long iron/hybrid, 3-4 wood and driver. When I go to the range that is usually how I practice.
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