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    Default "Leaning Back" feeling

    Currently I'm working on stopping a "wraparound" move - basically what Brian is showing in this video:

    Manzella Greg Norman Finish - Video -

    What I'm struggling with a little bit is the feeling of leaning back. Even at slow motion, when I turn such that my hips open, my shoulders tilt, and my belly is pointing up, all of these things seem to want to throw my weight back onto the right foot. Of course this feels wrong - but when I do it everything seems to work. I can even be falling backwards after impact and the ball is flying well and on video it looks good.

    2 questions:

    1) Do I need to do some "pushing" toward the target with my right knee?
    2) How do I know the difference between making this move and reverse pivoting? At an extreme, I can get super open and tilted by letting my weight fall back into my right foot.

    Thanks in advance for replies.

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    With the hips forward (to maintain some secondary tilt) and the head back, I think it feels like you are 'hanging' back to some degree. It's quite a different feeling vs hitting a wedge, say.

    It also feels weird (for me) and as someone who has always had a steep(ish) downswing this is a damn hard thing to work on. Even slow motion swings feel uncomfortable since it feels like I am not getting onto my left leg very much. Having said that, the goal is to have a relatively shallow path (even slightly upward strike) so maybe the 'homerun' hitter type feeling isn't so undesirable.

    I am curious to hear some other thoughts on this too.

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