The TrackMan Combine is a standardized test done on a TrackMan unit, enabling
golfers to identify strengths and weaknesses – as well as compare their performance to other peer groups.

The TrackMan Combine consists of 60 shots, each of which is scored on a scale of 0-100. The golfer hits 3 shots from 60, 70, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 and Driver, then they repeat that 30 ball sequence.

When the test is completed, every player receives:

✓ A TrackMan Combine score for every yardage
✓ An aggregate TrackMan Combine score
✓ A percentile ranking for each yardage - based on the selected peer group
✓ The average distance from pin at every yardage
✓ The average driver distance and accuracy

The world record is 93 by Daniel Gavins, a European professional. Jason Gore and Edoardo Molinari have each scored 90.1. Some notable others:


I scored 81.4 today.

In my 60 shots, I had a 57, a 55, a 39, and a 0!!

So there is a lot of room for improvement. In this particular test I did relatively poorly at my best yardages, 140 & 160.

The 81.4 is the 12th best score ever by a 50+ year old golfer.

Not bad for a 52 year old teacher with 8 anchors put in my shoulder on January 14th to repair a torn labrum and torn rotator cuff.

And not with my stock pattern, but with a new pattern I am working on for a major magazine article and a new video. #pattern13