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    Default Smash Factor

    Ok went to PGA Superstore in Plano to hit some Exotics 3 woods, my numbers below

    E8 beta 15' loft, 70g aldila stiff
    94.5 avg CHS. No tee
    220 avg carry. (The last 4 I carried 227-229)
    Avg smash 1.40

    I was hitting these well, similar to on course and made my purchase.

    I had some time to kill and picked a couple demo drivers and hit them off a tee.

    99.5 avg CHS off a tee
    231 avg carry
    Avg smash 1.37

    Do these smash numbers seem right?
    This seems shorter than my on course drive probably by 10-12 yards. I always hammer my 3 wood but, those numbers for carry seemed odd to me. Are those simulators hosed up or should I be hitting my driver further? I wonder if I'm hitting down on the driver a bit too.

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    Your driver smash factor is an issue. You are generating to much spin. Could be A of A, mishits, bad equipment, range balls, etc.
    Hitting up on a driver I can regularly get 148-151 on TM and I am not a single digit Hcp.

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    I have hit balls at that location and have the same results. Smash with the driver was horrible for me. My theory is the balls there using need to be changed out. They have probably never changed them out from day one.

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