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    Default Purchasing a Used Flightscope X2

    Living in the Far East... Lessons and Facilities are really limited and dear. I have access to an Industrial building where a friend set up an area of 50ft x 15ft x 24 ft height golf driving range workshop. I am looking into purchasing a Used FS X2..... Would any experienced users kindly advice what are the awareness that I have to pay attention on before purchase... I am not a teaching pro.. only a 10.8 Hdcp looking to use my data to improve my consistency game plus better choice of equipment selection....

    something like...

    Sofware to purchase
    Hardware requirement
    Android or Apple
    Updates arrangement as a 2nd hand user
    Warranty plans and arrangement as a 2nd hand user
    How do I legally transfer the ownership of FC X2

    Thank you very much for your time and advice

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    Could be awhile. Be patient.

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    all of the software and warranty needs to be done directly through Flightscope. Their support guys are very helpful. Also, they probably have used units for sale if you ask and will come with a year of support and software updates as well. I purchased one from them a few years ago. The warranty and software update are yearly and used to be $1000.00 per year, not sure if that has changed. Hope that helps a little.

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