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Thread: Address question

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    Default Address question

    It seems every time I watch one of Brian's videos I pick up another detail I haven't heard before or at least thought about.
    I try to review all the videos I own a couple of times a year to keep my brain fresh when thinking about the golf swing in helping my high school players or beginners.

    This past week I was watching Building blocks 2.0 and the idea of the trail wrist being flat and the lead wrist being bent at address struck me. I believe this was referred to as mid body hands at some point. I personally have always felt uncomfortable with this idea. Since I was fighting my swing I was willing to try just about anything so I started setting up with my trail wrist more flat.

    I have hit more quality shots this past week than I have in a long time. Not sure what the difference was but it instantly felt like the right thing rather than being uncomfortable.

    As a side note over the winter I began an exercise program which included a good deal of Yoga and stretching. With my new found flexibility maybe I am just more able to take advantage of the new set up stuff as well.

    Not even sure this post will get looked at but I wanted to get it in writing so I can look back at it if I fall into the same rut again.
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    I started teaching golf in 1983, 33 years ago last month.

    Lots of things have made it to my lesson tee, "mid-body hands" coming from my first trip to see Ben Doyle in June of 1987.

    Never taught a different address attitude since, except for maybe a dozen guys who just couldn't or wouldn't do it.

    It's GOLD.
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    "All you have is the HUB PATH and the force and torque you apply to the club—that's the whole swing."

    Brian Manzella is Golf Digest's 37th ranked teacher in the USA and is a three time Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor.

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