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    Default Forward Hand Press? Problem?

    A few years back I was playing the best golf of my life. I had gone from a slight fade to a slight draw by developing a forward press (think henrik stenson) to start my golf swing. It also helped dramatically improve my short game. After about a year I had a full on Tin Cup lawn chair breakdown in my swing. Shank after shank was all I could pull off for months. I was a 2 handicap so obviously this was very frustrating. I put the clubs in the closet and moved on with life. I'm starting back and I still have a natural tendency to start my swing with a forward press. I noticed that in the process I'm yanking the club to the inside when I do so. Something I had never done in 2 decades of golf. This I deduced is what was causing the severe over the top shank. I also suspect that my grip has/had weakened in the process which may be a contributor to my problem. I'm working on getting the club more in the fingers and stronger like I had played most my life. I'd like to keep the forward press because of how well it was working before and I can barely take the club back without doing it now. My question is what could have lead me to start pulling the club to the inside and coming over the top almost overnight? Is a weak grip the likely culprit or should I be looking at other areas?

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    Ever heard of the "lagging club takeaway"?
    "All you have is the HUB PATH and the force and torque you apply to the club—that's the whole swing."

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