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    Default Ball to the left when below the feet

    Hi! I found you Brian on Youtube when researching about the D-plane. D-plane theory has helped me a lot with understanding ball flight and how spin axis affects the curve of trajectory. I have found a solution on some of my problems by applying the D plane theory.

    But I have not figured out D-plane applies on a ball lie below my feet? I keep hitting hybrids and fairway woods left of the target.
    When the ball is above my feet I just grip down on my club ie shorten the shaft and that way I can maintain the same swing arc angle.
    But when the ball is below my feet I will need a longer shaft to maintain the same swing arc. I suppose I can bend my knees more to lower my body to get "closer" to the ball.
    I realize it is a pretty complex case.
    Since I vertically have to take a stance closer to the ball, my club lie changes and there will be a "steeper" swing arc
    Am I overcompensating (mentally)?

    How do I get my "below the feet" ball lie issue explained with the D-plane theory?

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    Are you talking a SIDEHILL lie?
    "All you have is the HUB PATH and the force and torque you apply to the club—that's the whole swing."

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