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    Default brilliant NEW Manzella 360 group

    Brian yesterday did the first session of a new closed user group he has started called Manzella 360. You pay an annual subscription of $360 for 2 hours of live interactive video a week plus access to the group Facebook site where there will be more discussion I'm sure.

    Last night's session was great and as a regular golfer I learned a load. There were in depth analyses of 2 video swings with Brian and others commenting. It was one of Brian's waving a club around in front of the camera/computer sessions but he is having a studio built with all the latest tech inc Jacobs 3D software and the sessions will be taking place in there when it's ready.

    Topics covered last night included proper pelvis motion in transition, hitting the wall to lay the club down, the fiddle drill and forces on the hub path as per Mike's new book which is amazing if anyone on here hasn't heard about it yet.

    For just over $3 an hour this is an absolute bargain. It's like the evolution of this site but with interactive video and all that enables. Sure it's not free but it's inexpensive and that model isn't really sustainable is it? In its day this site was awesome, Manzella 360 will be better IMO but it needs subscribers.

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    Sounds really cool and all but I got a kid at Case Western and all my $$ goes there right now.
    Maybe when he's a doctor he will buy it for me.
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