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    Default Gravity Putting

    Looking for alot more infor, drills, tips etc on the "Putting Zones"
    gravity putting stroke from those who have have the chance to meet with Jeff and learn the system....

    find bits and peices on the site, but dont feel enough to totally get the method....I want to put like i did when i was a kid....

    I know Jim has said he teaches it, would like info and more threads, sites etc

    thanks in advance

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    Damon Lucas is your guy in this regard.

    Tom Bartlett has fooled around with it, and can add a bit from his perspective.

    And Jim of course.
    "All you have is the HUB PATH and the force and torque you apply to the club—that's the whole swing."

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    Hi sbark,

    "Try putting the shoulder frame back in the backstroke and then freezing there and then looking at the spot on the ground behind the ball. This is where the putter head sweetspot will drop to, square, when you simply "allow" the shoulder frame to relax and drop back to level.

    Also, if you freeze at the top of the backstroke and ask what would happen to your hands if you simply "allow" the shoulder frame to re-level itself, the answer is that the hands would drop-swing STRAIGHT DOWN and across the tops of the feet. The idea is that the golfer should NOT do anything with the hands except let them drop straight down when the shoulder frame relaxes."

    This is quoted straight from Geoff- I couldn't have said it better!

    Try it first with a core target to start with. Just get comfortable with a stroke length that is far enough back(in the backstroke) that if you went further, you would feel the putter rising. Then allow the putter to swing through. If you putt a few balls, they should all go about the same length. If short, you're probably tightening. If long, you're probably adding...
    Report back!
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