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    The front page of the forum currently discusses: acceleration profile, joint articulation, beta torque, out toss, speed profile, thorax speration stretch, candy cane hips, trail bend. Looks like the first time I tried to read's intersting to me how language starts out so cosmo and becomes so parochial...
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    Kevin in the article about power you said to use your body to swing. I thought it was to use the downswing with your hands and arms. I`m confused. I know you told me to use your right hand to hit the ball. Do you pull and hit the ball with your right hand at that time is the club head leading or lagging. This is my BIGGEST problem in my swing on how to hit the ball in the downswing. Thanks always for your input...joe
  3. I havent filmed it in months. Im glad it inspires you, haha. Brian is coming next week and Ill have him do it
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    Kevin, you mind posting your swing? Haven't seen your swing for a while. it really inspires me when i see your swing
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    Kevin, Sorry that the PNC did not go as you would have liked. I had some back issues a few years ago and found an awesome doc who performed a procedure on my back that was amazing. No incision, 25mins total, no pain and back to hitting balls in 7 days. It might be worth a trip to Baltimore to see him. I was in similar situation as you, no amount of drugs were enough, but it would loosen up as i played....sometimes. If i can help you with your back, give me a shout. Best, Phil
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    Kevin -

    Any idea how to make the right shoulder move more down in the swing. Time and time again, when I look at my swing, the right shoulder does not move down as much as I would like. It could very well be coupled to axis tilt. I've always had a sweep release and while it looks pretty (in regular speed) on video, it's sort of looks like an early release to me, but I manage to maintain a pretty flat wrist at impact.

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    Check this out:
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