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  1. Thanks for the videos they are great: I have been challenged with my pivot in understanding and in being able to acomplish a full pivot for some reason I sway forward with my uper body which moves the ball back in my stance and i hit low smoothered 5 irons I need to learn a better axis tilt to produce high five irons . My impact hands action is really good I have been with my AI for 3 years now but we havent been able to figure out my pivot. We have tried tons of things lately have been trying the Hary Vardon drop my hands behind me at the right heel .. That has help my pivot but now I am hitting the ball fat or way right ... When I stop trying that I tried the right shoulder to the ball to create a better axis tilt I hit the ball more effectivly but not as far as with the HV swing But my most powerful shots come from me trying to feel as if I am throwing a golf ball down the line Long balls with the drive low but need help please send some help I need a high ball to play better golf
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