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    Mirror on top of putter

    I was working on my putting with a mirror on the floor to help with getting my eyes directly over the ball and line when I got this idea.I would attach a small mirror on top of my putter head so that I can use this drill even when I am playing.I will be 100% certain my eyes are over the ball and...
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    Tiger's massive divot

    Doesn't Foley have a trackman?Why is Tiger gouging Guiness Book of World Record size divots?
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    Great players and their neutral left hand grip

    Nicklaus,Snead,Woods,Hogan,Nelson,Player,Palmer,Faldo,Watson,Mickelson,Miller,Greg Norman,Nick Price,Els and probably many more.A hundred or so Majors in that group. They all have one thing in common...a very neutral left hand grip.None in that list have a strong left hand grip. Why is it just...
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    Golf stunt

    Don't try this at home kids.These guys are trained professionals.............not!! <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
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    The next Hogan?

    Elbow plane with divots pointing left...i like it alot. <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
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    Casio EX FC150

    Has anyone got one for review?It was only for the Japanese market but seems like it will be sold in the USA soon.Great specs.Pocket size.Back illuminated sensor.Full manual shutter control.120 FPS at VGA resolution.
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    Zero shift swing impossible?

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    Camcorder question

    I am looking at buying the Sanyo FH1.I am very impressed by the 1080p 60fps which no other camcorder can offer. Is 60 fps enough to comfortably capture a shot of impact? I know the FH1 can do 240 and 600 fps also but apparently these modes have no manual shutter so it will be hard to get clear...
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    Sustaining the lag/The truth

    I always hear TGM people talk about "sustaining the lag" through impact and beyond.Is this feel or is this real? We know good swings load on the transition creating lag angle and good players can hold this angle longer.But you can see that angle starts to release when the hands are around hip...
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    Smash factor and clubhead weight (just added TrackMan data!)

    Would a 190g and 200g clubhead have identical smash factors assuming everything else being equal ie. same speed at impact and center hit. There seems to be some people that still think an accelerating clubhead at impact gives a higher smash factor than one that is not accelerating even though...
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    Hogan trivia

    Despite being arguably the greatest ball striker of all time,Hogan never had a competitive hole in one and it would seem he never had one in casual play either.I find this amazing considering how well he struck the ball and how much he plays.Can anyone confirm if this is true or false?
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    Flying Wedge Question

    I seem to have just discovered that there is a strange aberration to my flying wedge.I have 'high hands' at address and as such my right wrist is slightly in an uncocked position.As I form my flying wedge by bending back my right wrist it seems to stay in the uncocked position and does not level...
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    Light clubs and throwaway

    From everything that I've read or heard,just about every good player prefer heavier clubs.Hogan and Elkington used heavier than typical clubs and both have outstanding lag. Is there a connection with clubhead throwaway and the weight of clubs.Do lighter clubs encourage throwaway?What about...
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    Plane at Setup

    Brian, Almost all golfers are taught to setup with the shaft on the elbow plane whether they swing on the turned shoulder plane or the elbow plane.Should the golfer match whichever plane he naturally swings on when he addresses the ball? For example,Toms sets up on the elbow plane like almost...
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    Flat left wrist and throw away

    I have been working on flattening my left wrist on the backswing and then trying to keep it flat coming back down.Will this alone absolutely guarantee against throwaway? Throwaway is still haunting me after years of this bad habit.Are there any others moves i can try to prevent it?
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    Weight at address..Ball or Heel?

    Faldo says he has the weight on the balls of his feet.Greg Norman says heel. What does TGM say?
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    Single Axis Setup..Pros and cons

    I have gravitated towards a single axis setup, ie.right forearm inline with shaft because this seems to work best for me.I get wonderful day to day consistency with my ball striking although the setup doesn't look orthodox.Hands are high and further away from body.I don't however,employ a single...
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    Should the clubhead move outside,straight back,or inside the target line? Should the hands be passive initially?
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    Driver..Hit up or down?

    There has been a lot of heated debate on whether the ball should be hit up or down with the driver.Perhaps it's neither. Now I'm no scientist and I don't know my physics that well but for maximum efficiency,shouldn't the clubhead be travelling level with the clubshaft vertical ie.not leaning...