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    I'm going down...

    Been suffering from bouts of nasty hooks and toe shots for the last couple years. Tried it all. Then I thought how do i stop closing the damn face or bringing it closed through impact... I know...try yer hardest to hit it with the hosel. Pured it. Jezzuz this game. This is not going to end well.
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    Duck Hooks, Snap it what you want...

    cause I got em bad. I was warming up on the range for my first rd of the year and was hitting the irons pretty decent. Then I get to Driver. One after another, hook central. I tried everything to hit something other than the dreaded snap hook. No dice. Proceeded to snap hook every tee shot in...
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    Brendon De Jonge

    Been working on more inside path of the hands on the takeaway then I noticed this guys swing. Any thoughts on his swing? Always liked this move.
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    Masters pick 2013.

    Let's make some picks outside the usual suspects ( No Phil or Tiger ). I like Justin Rose.
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    What makes Steve Stricker's swing work?

    Anyone tried to swing it like him? I tried hitting some irons without actively cocking the wrists and hit some solid shots. I was surprised how well I hit it with Driver which has been giving me fits lately. Is the lack of wrist cock one less thing to time on the downswing? I saw BManz vid on SS...
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    Toe Shots(Brian or other Manzella Instructors)...does this still apply?

    Brian wrote this in 2007. I think it helped solve my chronic toe shots. I was clearly round housing for whatever reason. Got the right shoulder going more down(along with out) and presto...sweet spot how I missed you.
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    How bout that Rory McIlroy!

    Largest margin of victory in PGA Championship history! 2nd fastest to 2 majors!
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    Glory's Last Shot...pick one.

    I'll be "that" guy. John Daly :P
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    Setting up with a crazy open stance...

    and just lining up the face with my target line...I was crushing it. Weird thing is that it felt natural to be this open and I could really go after it as hard as I wanted. Do I have old man hips that need to be "pre-turned" open at impact(i am 39)? I guess it worked for Trevino eh? Thoughts?
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    How much do you "Flex" through the shot depending on the club? I tend to hold the right wrist bend more through the wedges but progressively use flex more through the shot as the club gets longer. Does this make sense? Would this also help in creating more ideal VSP numbers for the club in hand?
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    Controlling the Clubface

    I was on the range hitting some decent irons with my main swing thought of "wiping the table" which has been gold for me lately. Of course too much of a good thing can cause issues(my main miss is a pull with the irons). When I hauled out my 3 wood I was hitting these lower trajectory hooks that...
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    ETA for the Short game video?

    Man my short game stinks right now.
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    Pick yer Dark Horse.

    No Tiger, Phil, Rory. I like Bill Haas.
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    Ball Position for the new release?

    Where is the optimal ball position for the new release?
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    Is laying off the club in transition = Reverse Tumble?

    Because I can't play a lick without shallowing out my swing in transition. I tried. What exactly makes this work for guys like Sergio, G-Mac? I think it gives me something to do other than "tugging" from the top. Just a guess.
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    Stomach muscles and the new release.

    Finally got to hit my first bucket in the great White North and I got to take out all my new release golf knowledge out on some dormant range balls. Anyways, after the first few swings I was hitting big hooks with all clubs. After a few adjustments I got to hitting with the feeling of "pulling...
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    Why does reverse tumbling work for some?

    As soon I started the "up the wall" backswing with a reverse tumble at transition my ball striking has been transformed. I am able to free wheel it with no hold back. Earlier in the year I couldn't break 90 to save my life and just recently shot 80, 76( don't get to play a lot, mainly a range...
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    Phil...what's more interesting???

    The fact he's using the belly putter or the fact he's sitting with Rick Smith at Fenway right now? :)
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    The importance of "feeling" shaft bend/torque/kick...

    I know Brian has talked about stressing the shaft in the past...and we all talk about club face awareness. But how important is it to feel the shaft?? Right now I just don't feel my shaft bending on transition or kicking at impact. I am very much a feel type player and i feel my shafts are not...
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    Swing Weight...what do you prefer?

    What swing weight(s) are everybody playing with in their irons, woods, and Driver and WHY? Just curious.