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    Facebook Group - Post Modern Golf Come join us.
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    4th Annual Chicago Golf School with Richard Franklin at Deerpath GC - August 20th

    <form action="" method="post" target="_top"> Ready for my annual trip to Chicago and my 4th Annual Golf School with great pal Richard Franklin at Deerpath Golf Course in Lake Forest, Illinois. The school will feature the technology of AMM 3D, Swing Catalyst...
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    What part of this don't you understand.....?

    Look.... You have a certain SPEED of the mid point of the grip. You have a certain SPEED of the in the plane rotation of the bottom of the grip past the top. On the abject THROWAWAY side, you have very little speed of the mid point of the grip and a relatively high speed of the in the...
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    9th Annual Long Island Golf School w/ Manzella & Jacobs - Sat. August 15th - 10am-3pm

    9th Annual Long Island Golf School w/ Manzella & Jacobs - Sat. August 15th - 10am-3pm It's that time of the year again! Excited to announce our 9th annual Long Island Golf School. Michael Jacobs and I are excited that this will be the first golf school ever that will measure and compute the...
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    An example of 4 kinds of Handle-Dragging....

    The first thing to consider when you are hitting a shot is simple—what shot can I play here? And what kind do I need to play? Let’s use the example of the second shot on the 9th hole at English Turn. It is a short par-4 that has an extremely shallow green, that is about 2/3rd guarded in front...
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    Jacobs 3D

    Well folks....Mike Jacobs and I have started working hard on analyzing swings with his awesome new software. For those who don't know, Mike commissioned a piece of software that can measure and compute the things we have been studying the past several years. Forces, torques, in an out of plane...
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    Jordan Speith Standing

    Here is a picture I created by taking all of the tilts out of a Jordan Speith swing sequence. I did the Masters "How he swung" video on this for
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    The REAL end of the backswing

    I see folks all the time using a "top of the backswing" photo to show how much movement of one kind or another is happening "by the top of the backswing," or something like that. Every really good swinger is their furthest away from the target around a 3/4th to 4/5th of the club movement away...
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    The Science of Smash (Alpha, Beta & Gamma Torques) April '15 Golf Digest Feature

    Official thread for my April 2015 feature story in Golf Digest. (link)
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    Building Blocks 2.0 - New Video by Brian Manzella

    This is the official thread of my new video, available at our store.
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    (Sergio's Secret) The Pull Back, Run Up & Jump - Golf Magazine April '15 Cover Story

    (Sergio's Secret) The Pull Back, Run Up & Jump - Golf Magazine April '15 Cover Story From an idea I had since 2009, which was discussed on this board, this is is official thread of my Golf Magazine Cover Story.
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    After a seminal year (2014), How I got started and how I wound up here

    1987 was a very long time ago—27 years to be exact. That was the year that my Dad passed away at the way too young age of 59. It was my 6th year of teaching golf. It was the year I started to play golf 5 times a week with Big Don Villavaso. It was the year I took my first plane flight to see Ben...
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    Boiling it all down....

    There is FORCE at the hands and that interacts with the COM of the entire club. There is FORCE from the ground that interacts with the COM of the body. And that's it... And that scares the shizzille out of the Lag Whore, resume on a postage stamp, after the fact "what's are we seeing in this...
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    Bentley J. Doyle - Teacher of Golf and Men - 1932-2014

    “Good, God, Morning, Light…” Those opening words from his classic, self produced video, How to Build a G.O.L.F. Game, a video that neatly summarized his teaching philosophy that influenced two generations of golf instructors around the world, say more about the man than any obit piece ever will...
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    2nd Annual GOLF INSTRUCTION SYMPOSIUM - Dec. 16th - Weschester NY Area

    Michael Jacobs and I are hosting our 2nd Annual Golf Instruction Symposium, on Tuesday, December 16th at the prestigious Wykagyl Country Club, 1195 North Avenue. New Rochelle, NY 10804. It is a great opportunity to learn, discuss, and share Golf Instruction concepts and strategies to help you...
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    The Latest from Brian Manzella - 8-25-14

    Hello folks, I have been every busy teaching at English Turn and on the road (including Poland) and writing my first Magazine cover story. It has been a very fun, but exhausting couple of months. The fall will be an unprecedented time for me and the boys and this site as the new version will...
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    2 One-Day VIP SCHOOLS in Lake Forest, Illinois - 2 to 1 Student Teacher ratio

    Come and join me and Richard Franklin on either Friday, July 18th or Saturday, July19th for a one-day VIP Golf School at his Golf School at Deer Path Golf Club in Lake Forest, Illinois. You will receive personalized instruction including AMM 6dof-3D, Sam PuttLab, Swing Catalyst COP Pressure...