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    Understanding Inside quadrant /twist away

    Swinging to the inside quadrant? Using the twist away pattern and maybe other patterns as well. Not sure how much this maybe throwing some swings off. I have seen players swinging towards the inside quadrant. Which caused them to swing out to right too much. What may and has happen is there...
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    Twistaway collision

    Alrighty, a very talent player, having trouble with clubface control , leakage which caused some weak shots and many blocks. I put him on to the twistaway, instant fireworks display. The big straight shots came back, and so did a hook. Getting him more open on the downswing helped, but did...
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    Time in Time Out

    Brian, Mr. Busy I am getting emails asking what to expect and how long does it take to see improvements when the Perfect backswing and downswing pivot are practiced? Does it take weeks, months, years to get ones coconut finally on the correct page firing with the correct pivot. What is...
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    Jim Hardy's idea's

    Got it. Thanks
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    Pivot load and step unload

    If everyone understand's the Itallian Stallion's Perfect Pivot, of which I agree, it is just that. What happens when you load that way and then on your downswing you step unload. Or easier said, move that left hip(lower spine swings) towards the target? One hellava package deal do you not...
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    Austin Talk

    Alrighty, I hear all the talk of Hogan, Homer etc. aka the Flat left wrist. One of the best and maybe the best ball striker of the ball was Michael Hoke Austin. If any of you guru's know anything of truth of this golf genius, could you tell me if he had a flat left wrist through the ball and...
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    Out to right but not to left

    Brian, Okay, why do most not understand that the club from correct on plane inside top position (backswing) has to appoarch the ball down and out. The hands and arms swing down on plane, and very quickly move left to stay on the path plane. Most either swing down the line or leave...
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    Weak block fades

    Brian, What drill or instructions would you give for one that starts out hitting great shots, then proceeds to get weak block fades the rest of there round. It appears this person is not getting to there left side as the left foot pulls back. Left side seems faster than the right side...