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  1. gmbtempe

    How important is Angle of Attack?

    Path could be zero, face could be zero. What would say a difference of 3 degrees down versus 7 degrees down have on the golf ball. I hear about AoA in relation to the driver and distance but wonder how much it impact what the ball does after contact. Is it more, less, or equal in relation to...
  2. gmbtempe

    Handicapping a match?

    So if two players are playing, say its my dad and myself. I am a 6, he is a 15. His average drive is 210 and mine is 260. I am giving him 9 shots. When we play do we play from the same tee box? Is that yardage difference already factored into the handicap over the course of adding in the...
  3. gmbtempe

    Back extension?

    Does back extension through impact into the finish have any bearing on pivot stall? I have always been told to keep my head down and never ever extended through a shot. I don't pivot so great and am wondering if they are related. Does it have any bearing on clubhead speed?
  4. gmbtempe

    Improper finish swivel?

    I notice no matter how solid I hit a shot that my wrists(ed.) get to the following position. Generally I get pretty decent impact but don't rotate through the shot all that well. What causes this, is it a problem?
  5. gmbtempe

    Twistaway+strong grip+baseline left path? (now with Duval video)

    What kind of ball flight would this produce? Would this be close to what Duval does?
  6. gmbtempe

    Tumble Torque

    I agree with this premise, or at least the idea that some of this torque is good in the golf swing based on how I view what I want to accomplish. What I did not understand from viewing the segment is what is creating the torque. Is this a wrist maneuver, forearm, shoulder? What is the best...
  7. gmbtempe

    Pitfalls of a flat shoulder turn?

    The steepish shoulder turn with the hands pulled very deep is en vogue right now and I definitely know of some issues with that move, but what type of problems does a a flat shoulder turn create? Underplane? OTT move? How do you know if you are to flat with the shoulders? Is there any...
  8. gmbtempe

    Does the clubface turn down at impact in the golf swing?

    If you make a good swing does the face of the club turn down through the impact interval, maybe a moment our two after after impact? We know the ball is only on the face and instant so this really is just a question of what the clubface is doing and not any affects on ball flight.
  9. gmbtempe

    Head Movement-Manzilla photo

    Yesterday I had a free lesson, honestly only reason I did it was cause it was free. Teacher was an older gentleman with a lot of experience, nice guy, former Euro and Asian tour player. He taped my swing and the first thing he said was I had a reverse pivot, that led to most of my weight on...