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    Larry Nelson

    I'm a little disappointed in the decision to overlook Larry Nelson as Ryder Cup captain for 2014. Not a knock on Tom Watson, who'll be great, but it's not often in life you make a mistake that shattered a man of Nelson's quality and have a golden opportunity to right the wrong. To pass it up...
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    Lead arm runoff

    If the lead arm runs out if its socket on the backswing it seems that this would lead to a tug on the downswing to rectify. Is this just a self-evident truism or, as I suspect, are there other forces at play?
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    The future of the tours

    I've been reading with interest a few articles in the British newspapers about the concern for the well-being of the European Tour. Many new events have sprung up in far-off destinations in recent years, but now the novelty has worn off and to ensure future funding sponsors are beginning to...
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    What's putting the brakes on?

    You've initiated transition, the club has flailed a bit behind you and you're tumbling beautifully into the ball as you approach impact. You've just ripped five drivers in a row and here comes number six. The left side is opening up like a can of sardines and life is just wonderful...All of a...
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    The Future

    Assuming that we all make it through December 21st unscathed, I thought it might be fun to engage in a quick flight of fancy or two. What piece of teaching technology will, in skilled hands, enable ALL students* to understand how to, and indeed deliver the club like a tour professional on a...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the American lads and lasses Warmest regards
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    Trackman Teaching learning curve

    I have a question(s) for those forum members lucky enough to teach with a Trackman: If you have a modicum of intelligence, are already quite comfortable with the D-Plane notion and diligently apply yourself, how long would it take for a virtual Trackman rookie to get up to speed using the...
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    Ryder Cup

    ...And as there's a good mix of Europeans and American lads here, anybody have any strong feelings about what will happen at Medinah? Should be a fair old brou ha ha and'll be compelling viewing...
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    A question addressed to all the teachers, - or, indeed anybody that's tried to fix a golf swing, incl. their own - out there... When a student embarks on a lesson series with you, what percentage of lessons go in the following manner... 1. You change A with the intention of getting to B...
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    Carl Wolter - Long Drive Champ

    We recently had Carl Wolter, the long-drive champ, at our place hitting shots for an outing...Phew, talk about impressive. He was hitting it about 360 yards average CARRY slightly uphill into a teeny breeze with a 46" driver, triple XXX shaft with no grooves on the face. I got to spend about...
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    Completely off any golfing topic...

    Completely off topic, I know, but you have to put your hands together for those guys who got that rover to Mars. A fifty four million kilometer putt, double breaker, straight in the middle of the hole! Makes you proud to be a human being...
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    Rapid-fire thought

    Here's a little something that I have often pondered and have never really got to grips with. Does anyone think that those who are blessed with rapidity of thought in everyday life have an advantage in the golf swing? Those people who have an instant one-liner ready for seemingly any...
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    A question about the release.

    I'm on board, both intuitively and intellectually with what Brian et al have posited on the release here in the not-so-distant past but a certain issue vexes me... As the club comes down, the forces on the grip seem to want to make the grip slide across the left palm (from pad under the pinky...
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    Best Teachers

    What do forum members think is the ideal psychological make-up for a superior teacher and why?
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    Is the following in some way related to BBKIB?

    Since joining this site I feel my own swing has improved in leaps and bounds, but, often, my old nemesis (Lindsey, one for you...:D) rears its ugly head (right side running into the left, a locked, left arm cricketer's off drive and a bat out hard right, or, to save it, a nifty jump over the...
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    A great read

    It's Ryder Cup year and I just wanted to turn forum members on to an absolutely riveting read - Us Against Them, by Robin McMillan As the title suggests, it's written from the perspective of both GB&I and later European and Americans from 1965 to 2002 and it's basically a compendium of...
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    head rotation

    I wonder what the Manzella forum members think about head rotation on the downswing. I think the concept would have to be swing specific, but are there any thoughts either way?
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    A fresh look...

    Ever since I was fortunate enough to stumble onto theManzella forum, one of my unofficial hobbies has been to leaf through all the old teaching and a peer at it with the advantage of what I've learnt here. With that in mind how would the chain of causality flow from standing too far from the...
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    Is this possible...?

    For all the English denizens of this site... Can the D-plane be used for other applications, like, oh, I don't know, helping a bunch of overpaid, prima-donna football players kick a ball into a goal from 12 yards when it actually bloody means something? :mad::mad::mad:
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    Following with the head

    I've wanted to ask this question for the longest time but didn't because I thought members would think I'm stupid. And now that I feel I've established my bona fides in that respect, I feel I have nothing left to lose so I can ask anyway;) If one follows the clubhead around on the backswing...