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    Good luck Chris

    Do your best, as I'm sure you will. "Fix 'em!" :) Tiger Woods announces hiring of new swing consultant - ESPN Chris Como Just Got A New Full-time Job As Tiger Woods' Coach: The Loop : Golf Digest
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    Lexi Thompspn and DiveChipPutt

    So a lot of ~interesting swings this weekend. Lexi would hit irons hard and the face barely turn over. Judy Rankin called it a hold off move. OR the clubhead would get stuck in the ground. Comment? Here are a couple of LT swings, with a hold off iron in the middle...
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    Choose a Bacskwing POLL

    Choose a Backswing for Joep Original thread of discussion:
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    Sergio - What He Needs - "Everything"

    Someone, please put a bug in his ear 2012 Masters -- Sergio Garcia says he's not good enough to win major - ESPN Although, I suspect the repair of his mental and putting abilities is what's in order.
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    Kaymer's Possible D-Plane Strategy

    I heard during the 2nd round HSBC Shanghai broadcast a commentator say that Kaymer had been working on a few things (since his PGA win..which we've heard) and that currently he is drawing his irons and hitting his driver straight or with a fade. Immediately popped into my mind that this would...
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    O'Hair Pattern Changes

    On Morning Drive today O'Hair said the following about changes he made upon returning to his former long time instructor: -he had been too open -ball had been too forward -backswing had been too inside -now more turning behind the ball -had had too much side tilt toward the target Either it...
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    How are these related: hands ahead, downward strike, angle of attack?

    So just what are the independent variables? Consider.... Can you have hands ahead and yet zero aoa? Can you have hands ahead and upward strike...perhaps with a flip or whiff? Or by tilting one's axis a ton? If ball is at the low point, then a strike which otherwise was "going to be downward"...
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    Describe the last 3 feet before impact

    Saw in another thread, running out of right arm, that one goal was delivering a bent right arm into the ball. So assuming that one wants a 5I straight shot with average downward angle of attack, then from LAST left arm parallel, what is necessary to get to good impact? And...will..that be part...
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    Fix Home Page Graphic

    For awhile now I've noticed a problem with the home page of the main website, but I've clicked right past it. Having seen it on multiple computers and browsers at this point I'd say this graphic is no longer accessible: http :// (Note: Some...
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    How To - Crack The Whip?

    Or...snapping the chain...or whatever. It seems in the downswing you can get your core and you arms moving, and then near impact....what? You brake the hips, or maybe brake the that the clubhead whips forward past the hands? Do the wrists buckle so that past the ball the hands look...
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    Do you own the Yellow Book?

    It was mentioned in another thread that the book was being "bashed" by people who don't even own it. You don't have to comment to vote, and no need to say if you are a "basher" or not. Just vote. I kind of want to see if there are more than 75 people who have it. And if by chance you don't...
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    PGA Tour Release Types

    Here is an article with dozens of slow mo shots and "analysis." I think the writer is missing some analytical tools like knowing about "sweep release" and there are some problem with camera angles. But nonetheless there is food for thought and discussion. PGA Tour Release Styles :: Oceanic...
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    Suggestion for Symposium Terminology

    I have watched a fair number of event videos and posts, and hear the word "science" used a lot. Or even the 'science of the swing.' Some critics challenge the use of that word, since science generally refers to the scientific method, and testing of hypothese etc. I think in many cases, a...
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    Tiger's swing at the Masters

    His scorecard on Sunday had 7 pars, and he had a lot of loose shots. I was able to watch his Sunday tee shot on 13 in slowmo on the dvr, where he hooked it but it wound in left rough perhaps off a tree, and where he let loose a loud tirade invoking diety's not his own. He also said just after...
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    Why isn't Golf Teaching Better?

    Why isn't it common? My guess is that instructor X who knows the wrong stuff already has his teaching appt. book filled. So he doesn't really need the right stuff, for business reasons. And there is an incentive where the wrong stuff keeps the book filled since people have to come back since...
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    A Couple More Hogan Swings

    I hadn't seen these and thought they might be of interest. ETA, actually I had seen and commented on the GP segment, but hadn't remembered the videos being projected in front of him). "Hogan at Augusta" hitting to his caddie Embeded: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
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    Q: Ball is lower than feet on "flat" lie

    Situation is like this: at driving range there was almost zero grass...EXCEPT where you can have your feet. So the ball is about 1/2-1" lower than your feet. Found I was topping the ball. Should one bend knees slightly or bend over slightly more?
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    Zeroing out #3 accumulator for full shots

    I have a friend who plays using that technique. He basically has a super strong left hand grip (4 knuckles or more) and a super strong right grip (back of hand facing ground). He just needs to go up plane cocking everything and then down the plane uncocking . He has an inconsistent pivot and...
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    Kind of for Brian/Academy - Hitting from upslope

    When I saw Brian last summer, one drill he wanted me to do was to hit from some upslopes. Yesterday I was on the course, I had two such lies, and as always, I get great compression and impact. If I could drag a little upslope mound with me everywhere that would be great, but obviously flat...
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    Sand Question

    I'm thinking of renting a practice bunker this week and go in there and work on firming up my technique...maybe find one I can reliably use. I am planning to try combinations of the following: Clubface: face open, face closed Ball Position: ball forward, ball mid stance Hinge Action: vertical...