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    Tiger On Colin Colin Cowherd This Morning - Audio

    Tiger Woods - ESPN - Colin Cowherd - Dec 1, 2011
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    Tiger Clinches President's Cup

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    Tiger's New Home Practice Facility

    Tiger Woods Home Practice Facility
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    Tiger With The Assist???

    Tiger gave Clarke ‘detailed’ advice « The Tour Report
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    Tiger Woods To Make Announcement On Golf Channel Monday Morning

    Tiger Woods to make announcement Monday morning on Golf Channel - Press Tent 11:00 am Eastern My guess is he's done for the year.
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    New Ping Putting App/Device For You iPhone/iPod Touch Users

    "The presentation by all, and especially Dr. Paul Wood (doctorate in applied mathematics, head of ping's division of "dreaming stuff up"), was extremely enlightening." golfwrx photos and thread --> iPing -- Ping's Game Changer Putting App - Here's the youtube video for the...
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    How Do YOU Take The Club Back To The Top???

    From the time I started playing golf (1996) the two main issues I've always battled are (1) getting my thumb under the shaft in a strong (feel not orientation) position at the top of the backswing (my thumb would always roll a little clockwise or weak, feeling as if it were sliding off the side...
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    Extensive Ball Flight Laws Paper

    Found this at the website which led me to the Brian Manzella site/forum. The author dedicated it to Brian Manzella and John Graham (noted near bottom of paper above references). Ball Flight Laws
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    Driver Off The Toe and Brian's *How To Hit The Driver On The Nose* List From 2006

    [DRIVER OFF TOE PROBLEM FIXED] Also, is there anything in Brian's "How To Hit A Driver Right On The Nose List" that needs to be updated? I'd like to give that a try. How to hit a Driver Right on the nose! by Brian Manzella 1. Set-up...
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    Hitting Balls On The Range - Behind The Divot Or In Front?

    I saw this photo in the Straightening Leg Thread and am curious as to whether most golfers hit balls on the range with the divot pattern in front of the ball. I usually hit balls with the divot behind my ball so I can get the true feeling of hitting the ball and then taking a new fresh divot...
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    Swing Videos From The Masters

    Click on the user's channel (Lake1926) to see the other video uploads. Good stuff! YouTube - Henrik Stenson
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    Another Recommendation For Cool Clubs

    I did the driver, long game, irons, and putter fitting. They use your preferred ball and trackman. Everything turned out great. The irons are "magic". Tremendous difference from what I had previously. The guy who fit fit my irons, fairway wood/hybrid, and putter was the same guy who fit...
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    Bent v. Extended Lead Leg At Impact

    What are some advantages/disadvantages of having an extended left leg at impact? What about bent? I've taken probably 10 formal lessons in the 13 or so years I've been playing golf and the last one was about 5 years ago. Not once was that ever addressed in any of my lessons. I've always just...
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    Most users ever online was 269, 05-05-2009 at 12:17 PM.

    Was there a specific event or thread that spurred this many folks to be on this forum that day? Just curious.