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  1. jimmyt

    Heel Hits

    For about a month now out of the clear blue I have started to hit the ball of the heel Then of course the occasional Housel rockery shows up with short irons. What are a few things that could be causing the heel hot when it appears everything else About my swing is the same. I'm l lost trying...
  2. jimmyt

    Is the story true!

    Is the story about Phil Michelson refusing to pay a $200k bet with Augusta members prior to the Masters true. Google the story, please then comment. If is all I could say!
  3. jimmyt

    New Website!

    Can someone please share with me how the launch of the new website is going to work and will it integrate with the old site? Details please.
  4. jimmyt

    Brian....I finally got it!

    Brian, Thanks to your back porch video and a number of discussion about it finally all came together for me first in theory then in practical application yesterday in a round. The missing piece for me was part 1 of the downswing....once I got that piece into my mellon it was poetry...
  5. jimmyt

    Last Round of Q school

    With the last round of q school finishing up today, could someone explain the new process to get to the PGA? Thanks in advance.
  6. jimmyt

    For all the Fletch fans!

    I know it's Saturday night, however if you have nothing to do........ Fletch is airing on HBO at 7:15pm PST. Enjoy
  7. jimmyt

    New Titleist 910 D2 & D3 Drivers

    Titleist new drivers have shown up this week in the Las Vegas area (Wednesday). Its an adjustable head for both lie and loft. I hit it yesterday at Golf Galaxy into thier new computer driving range. I hit the 910 D2 in a neutral position. I would never adjust the head ever! I just wanted to see...
  8. jimmyt

    Congrats to Rocco!!!

    Congrats to 47 year old Rocco Mediate for his 6th PGA tour win. Also for getting it at a time he really needed to step up! Showed alot of heart!!!!!!!
  9. jimmyt

    Help Please! Arthritis in the right Hand

    To All Brian Manzella Academy Instructors and Members! First I'm 52 years old. Over the last month or so I have developed severe arthritis in my right hand. It is getting very difficult and painful just to grip the club, let alone excute a golf shot. I would appreciate any and or all...
  10. jimmyt


    Lord Stanley's Cup Awaits!!!!!!! Good Luck Hawks!!!!!!!!
  11. jimmyt

    The Economy Finally Got Me!

    Well about 2 hours ago I was axed from my position as VP of the Insurance Brokerage I worked for here in Las Vegas. Never even saw it coming. So thats 120,000K a year plus car and benefits gone. The type of contract that I had was called an "At Will" deal so severance as of 10/25 done...
  12. jimmyt

    I Know Its A Big Secret, But

    Brian, Can you give me a general description of how to perform the "Tumble" and what are the pros and cons. Thanks Jim
  13. jimmyt

    Barrel-Chested Patterns?

    I was watching the Champions Tour over the weekend and while watching Hal Sutton and the split screen of his swing from years ago and now raises a question: Should a person who is "barrel chested" have any specific swing thoughts to work on thats different from the more lean body type? Back...
  14. jimmyt

    Hitting the Ball with your Pivot

    Brian: How do you hit the Ball with your Pivot Brian; Can you or any qualified forum member, explain what hitting the ball with your pivot really means? Then can you explain further how you do just that! If you have to recommend a video, I already have NSA and SD1. I have reviewed both...
  15. jimmyt

    I need serious alignment help!

    Can anyone offer any advice to help me learn to be able to align myself square to my chosen target? On the range or at home I have tried everything to learn to aim correctly, and although I am fairly successful with it at home or range, I get to the golf course and same old thing 10-15 yards...
  16. jimmyt

    "D" Plane alignment

    With all the new data available regarding D Plane and aiming more left with short irons and moving slightly more right as the clubs get longer to slightly right with driver. In SD Brian said aim feet slightly right of target, then have a slightly closed club, nothing about hips and shoulders I...
  17. jimmyt

    SAD Day!

    I have been putting it off for over 5 years, but I am finally going to have it done. Tomorrow I go under the knife and having a total right knee replacement. I have been hanging around this site for over a year now and what makes this surgery harder is that I am playing some of the best golf of...
  18. jimmyt

    Manzella Matrix

    Brian in the time that I have been hanging around this website of yours a lot of terms have been floating around that I don't understand or do I understand the origin of the terms. Obviously I have heard TGM, Pop Golf and then the Manzella Matrix. For a new person how do I understand the terms...
  19. jimmyt

    First Move Down!

    Brian: we have talked a couple of times on the phone. You made 2 phone calls to Vegas if that helps. I am currently making arrangements to you the video of my swing we discussed. My question in the mean time is that after I get to the top of the backswing, playing partners have told me that my...
  20. jimmyt

    Sway past ball in downswing!

    Brian/Academy: When I sent an email to you 2-3 weeks ago the last thing I expected was a phone call from you personally. I am working on getting a video to you for your expert analysis. But for now can I ask a question? My practice swing as viewed by others is perfect, good pivot, nice flat...