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    About the downswing.

    All I want to know is what starts the downswing, your hands or your body or something else or both. In detail if you could,thanks...
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    lousy swing

    I golf in a league with 2 guys with 2 handicaps. If you were to see their swings you would laugh. Now the point of this post. is they must do something right what would your guess be?? My guess is what ever or however the swing the club face squares up. Over the top, flat footed but they get...
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    Help on this

    Brian must be on the road so I thought someone out there could answer this or help on this. When your on the downswing how many of you pull the handle down in the slot. Is it pulled down by your hands or do you use your body to pull it? Is it pulled toward the ball. I`m try not to come over...
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    I have different answers on what starts the down swing. Once I get to the top (brian) what is the first movement to start down in sequences please.
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    chicken wing

    Brian my last lesson with you was about my chicken winging. Trackman said at the top of my swing I was perfect but comming down I chicken wing. I asked how to stop that and your aswer was figure it out. Well its been 2 yrs and still havent figured it out. Soo any thing new that you can help me...
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    Loose hands

    When I finish my swing at the top my hands are loose and not a solid grip, Is that a grip issue or something else. When I do have a firmer grip I do hit it further. By loose I mean like my left hand comming off the handle......
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    Help on this,please

    I`ve been playing golf for almosrt 20yrs. started at 60. With bad lessons all these years I manage to play to an 11 and now at 78.. 16-18 handicap..Comming over the top all these years with a big chicken wing.. Finally had lessons with mike and brian and still couldnt understand what they told...
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    I`ve ask this question to many golfer both amatuer and professional. "How do you start your backswing". Most say I really dont know. I woild appeciate if I can get some honest answers. 1)..start with my left arm across my chest 2)..break my right wrist back 3)turn my sternum back 4).. use...
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    Hands at the top and through

    How important is it that the hands at the top dont seperate and must stay together tru the swing, and the reason they should or dont have to be together...thanks
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    Right sided swing

    How do you teachers feel about a right sided swing. I see there are a few pros on tour using it. Do you feel that there are certain students that would need that kind of swing, thanks
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    Backswing makes the downswing???

    Is this true? I`m just a hacker who for 20ysr played with different backswings and never found one that was comfortable with . I tried left shoulder ,r,shoulder ,l hip, righthip, belly button, l hand r, hand, b of neck,f of neck,sternum etc. Brian mentioned just get back to the ball. My...
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    steve stricker

    Could you explain his swing. It looks like he doesnt break his wrist and swings with his body same time as he swings his arms, or does it just look that way?
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    left foot

    In every sport the left foot is used to promote whatever you are trying to do, but in golf it seems like most say it happens. I was a good athlete and still am. Played all sports and still bowl,golf, shoot hoops etc. Always feel the left foot being use to promote what Im doing, its automatic...
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    He dont need early release

    Check it out .............sportsrisq's Channel - YouTube
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    Clearing my hips

    I`m having trouble clearing my hips in the downswing especially trying the new realease. Some one posted this Brian gave me a drill where you start with the club in front of the ball and make a follow through swing where you take your body and club to about the point when the butt of...
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    Club head takeaway

    If I set up to hit a shot and got my eyes on the clubhead and take the club away with my clubhead in my mind and swing left, will my body follow the right path? Now all I`m thinking about is my club face.
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    private messages

    Brian and staff, doesnt anyone ever answers their private messages?
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    dowmloading video`s

    I have a new computer and all of brians video`s. I`m not good with computers so I ask how do I go about downloading these video`s? I have all the codes and passwords but were do i go to down load IN DETAIL,thanks...joe
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    Help on this

    My friend works for callaway and was having a demo that I attended. He has trackman and I took many swings and the results were good except for one thing that has botherd me for years. my path was 6 deg.across. I come over the top or I swing across the ball . I tried many different down swings...
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    Dead Parrot

    Dead Parrot At dawn the telephone rings, "Hello, Senor Rod? This is Ernesto, the caretaker at your country house." "Ah yes, Ernesto. What can I do for you? Is there a problem?" "Um, I am just calling to advise you, Senor Rod, that your parrot, he is dead". "My parrot? Dead? The one that won...