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  1. lia41985

    2013: the year of the grind

    Mercy me. Unrequited love. That struggle? Embrace it. Grind on and off the course.
  2. lia41985

    Happy birthday... Tiger and LeBron... numerologists/astrologists... ...freaks... ...unite.
  3. lia41985

    If God blesses me with a child...

    I'd be so thankful if he at least had the talent and privilege to play at this junior invitational at Sage Valley. So reminiscent of Augusta. Golf at its best. And life, actually. Great, great event.
  4. lia41985

    What's more boring?

    A.) Practicing your putting; or B.) ironing your clothes for next day's work (aka night putting) ?
  5. lia41985

    Rate of closure: A real redux

    I am nearing the ending preparatory stages in presenting an idea I have about how VSP ("vertical swing plane"--a measurement used by Trackman/Flightscope i.e. kinda-sorta what we observe in terms of plane "steepness' in a down-the-line view of the golf swing) may be the ultimate determining...
  6. lia41985

    SEC Championship game

    What a game. Verne Lundquist is the man. What a talent for commentating. Kind demeanor. Humble tone. Actual insight. Doesn't talk too much. Wish Johnny Miller could get an internship with the man, frankly.
  7. lia41985

    Pretty Good Tiger and Rory Interview

    Nice to see Tiger comfortable and eloquent: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. lia41985

    The best teachers

    What makes a teacher the "best" in his or her field of education? I submit that the best teachers don't seek to be the best teachers. Their goal is different. They try to be the best students they can be. In doing so they become wonderful instructors. It's that sense of sympathy and...
  9. lia41985

    The anti-tumble?

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> Fair to say? Just saying, that's about as outward as you'll see a good/great player's hand path go, no? Would love to see his VSP #'s... Could be a great case study...
  10. lia41985

    Cheetham Details Pelvic Angles

  11. lia41985

    Cheetham on Modeling the Pelvis-Thorax Kinematic Sequence

    Link: My TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) - Your Source for Golf Fitness, Exercises and Health
  12. lia41985

    Phil Cheetham on 3-D versus 2-D

    Link: My TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) - Your Source for Golf Fitness, Exercises and Health
  13. lia41985

    K-Vest: Pelvic Positions at Impact

    Link: My TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) - Your Source for Golf Fitness, Exercises and Health
  14. lia41985

    Gracovetsky's Spinal Engine Theory

    How does it actually apply to golf? The emphasis was added by me. The citation is Serge Gracovetsky, The Spinal Engine, page 412.
  15. lia41985

    Swing theory babel

    Hand path Hands plane "Swinging wrist cock" We're all talking about the same thing, right?
  16. lia41985

    Articulating on joint articulation

    Righty-golfers... Palmar flex your left wrist. Now try and ulnar deviate it. How'd that work out?
  17. lia41985

    How far behind are some instructors?

    Well considering that this was about 30 years ago...
  18. lia41985

    Armed Forces Classic bball game

    I suck at hoops so who cares what I think but if I were playing in this game I'd be confused as to who was on my team. It'll be interesting to see the number of turnovers and fastbreaks that happen in this game.
  19. lia41985

    Not pivoting like crazy

    When the golfer develops complex patterns for the moving of his limbs in relation to the ball (learned patterns of swinging in other words), the total body pattern of movement initially used only for "primary" movements, such as walking, is necessarily engaged to support the movement of the...