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  1. dschultz6072

    Reverse Spine Angle/Overextension backswing

    Been a while since I have asked anyone about my swing. I figure why not ask a bunch of people on the internet? Anyway, I think I over-extend my back a bit as I get to the top. Basically my backswing looks a little "off" to me. It's not tight, and it has never been tight. I hit the ball...
  2. dschultz6072

    BMANZ COFF song?

    My daughter has really taken a liking to the music you used on your older videos. I've been trying to find the version of Saints you used on COFF. Also the song used on Over and Out. Any help?
  3. dschultz6072

    Irons rusting

    My pitching wedge and 7 iron are now proud owners of a nice little brown spot right in the middle of the face. I've heard WD-40, Comet, etc. What really works to keep it down? Or is this all just like picking out a watermelon? Everyone thinks they know the answer, but it's all a bunch of...
  4. dschultz6072

    Interesting view of the hands

  5. dschultz6072

    NSA and my buddy

    My buddy has been trying to learn golf for about a year and a half now. I kind of let him go on his own journey trying to figure out what he could on his own. I tried to get him started on playing because he told me he wants to break 100 by the end of the year. The last few sessions and times...
  6. dschultz6072

    Tiger talks about using TrackMan

    9:35 is when he starts talking about it...
  7. dschultz6072

    Learning everyday and upgrades...

    I have learned much here. Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way, especially Kevin Shields and Lindsey.
  8. dschultz6072

    Late speed

    Been doing some inner thinking and toying around with things and discovered I am capable of plenty of speed, but am simply applying this speed too far past the golf ball on my not so good swings. If I point my radar well past my ball position, it easily goes up another 10-20 mph with driver...
  9. dschultz6072

    How down is too down?

    Got on TM today. First time in a while. I was a good -6 attack angle with a 6 iron pretty much every time. Smash was pretty good, around 1.35-1.38. Does it really matter if it's a few degrees more deep than the tour guys? I play cavity backed Adams A4 irons so it seems to help keep my...
  10. dschultz6072

    Head lifting

    I have this little move I do as I yank the club back and it drives me nuts. I don't know if it's flexibility or what. Anyone have insight as to why I'm lifting up? On this swing it looks as if I settle into my right heel as I start but I don't know if people would agree. Help?
  11. dschultz6072


    My dispersion goes up as the club I'm using gets longer and less lofted. In other words, I can hit my wedge to a target much easier than I can with a driver. Is that normal? And yes, this is really as dumb as it sounds and is a cheap shot.
  12. dschultz6072

    Push Draw

    Is there a reason to make the push draw your stock shot or should the ball be starting more on the intended line? I can't see a reason why you'd want the ball to start right and curve left if you're aiming straight. I've got a couple buddies who play the big push draw and they dread trees...
  13. dschultz6072

    For teachers or anyone who has experienced it

    A steady head. How important is it to ball striking? A lot of old pros, Snead and Nicklaus included, seemed to regard it as a universal bedrock fundamental of becoming a great ball striker. Just wondering people's opinion on the matter.
  14. dschultz6072

    this guy was such a GANGSTER

    Bobby Tyre Jones
  15. dschultz6072

    Random funnies at Augusta

    Saw two so far. The failed high five in slow mo between Louis and his caddie. The sarcastic fist pump and "yeah!" from Tiger as he birdies 18.
  16. dschultz6072

    Releasing the hands

    So here's another guy who can smash the cover off the ball and what's he talking about? Oh, releasing the hands at the correct time. King flipper, right? And you can see in his transition move (0:13) a familiar concept that has been trashed elsewhere. Did we abandon the idea or what?
  17. dschultz6072

    Monty impression

    Pretty good. I'm a fan of Monty and he's got it dialed IMO. Except he might do well to add that little wince/grin cheese face thing to his pre-shot. he doing it? I can barely see.
  18. dschultz6072

    Bent right arm at impact

    All this talk about the wrists, but what about the right arm? Tiger and Rickie's aren't, are they? Can you hit the ball effectively without it? Or does it just depend on the shot?
  19. dschultz6072

    No roll release and UD

    So recently I've been battling the hooks while trying to swing a little more left. I narrowed it down to my hand action through the ball. Any time I tried to hold it off a little it just went higher and righter. I figured out when I am hitting it my best, I am certainly using a "no roll...
  20. dschultz6072

    Master of his domain - Brian Manzella now one of 6 TrackMan Masters!!

    It's news. <tbody> <tbody> <tbody> <tbody> Trouble viewing this message? View the web version. </tbody> <tbody> <tbody> <tbody> FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE </tbody> </tbody> <tbody> </tbody> <tbody> </tbody> <tbody> <tbody> PRESS RELEASE: Brian...