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    Hot Chilli - Your Thread is Crashing My Computer

    HC, What do you have in that thing, man? My screen goes white just trying to open that thread. You pick up a Thai virus or something? :)
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    What's the swing left release feel like?

    Left wrist arched... Upper left arm pressed against the pec... Right hand palm down... Does it allow for shallower divots.... Do you hit draws with it?
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    Any adjustments or updates for the Perfect Pivot for Soft Draw?

    From the Spring of 2004 Any comments for the Perfect Pivot for the Soft Draw? Or is it still just perfect?:D Perfect Pivot - Part 1: The Backswing by Brian Manzella The thing that makes poor golfers look like poor golfers, is a poor pivot. Even the ‘untrained’ eye can see the larger and...
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    Path or Clubface

    When a Tour Pro has a big miss, is the root cause a path problem or a face problem?
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    We're due for a video chat

    Know you're busy, but you can't be staying up all night! Topics anyone?