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  1. ggsjpc

    Trackman Theory and Measurement

    Brian, I'm hoping you can answer a question for me about how Trackman measures Swing direction. For those not interested in the minutia of swing theory and Trackman, read no further. Let's assume we are holding a plate of glass at a 45 degree angle and the base line of the plate of glass is on...
  2. ggsjpc

    What is Optimal?

    I know there has been some wonderful research done by the camp here and I keep seeing reference to the word optimal. I've seen some definitions of optimal but I'm not sure of its meaning as it refers to the golf swing. Does optimal depend on the reference? Optimal for speed or optimal for full...
  3. ggsjpc

    Dynamic Pivots?

    I've been reading a bunch lately about how centered pivot methods have non dynamic pivots. I may be embellishing a tad but I think you get my drift. I saw these and was curious if the group felt they were non dynamic. I think they seem quite dynamic.(especially the first one) <object...
  4. ggsjpc

    Question about VSP and AoA

    Kevin, Is it accurate to say that the VSP sets the maximum amount of possible AoA? If not directly, then indirectly? IF so, would it also be more likely that as VSP get's lower, the less likely there will be a large negative AoA for a usable golf shot?
  5. ggsjpc

    I guess I am Confused

    Brian, Can you help me out on this: If my memory serves me well, Zick and Wood are two scientists that you have heard speak multiple times and that you've been able to interact with. I've read many posts discussing their views on the science of the swing and club and other matters that you...
  6. ggsjpc

    Golf Channel Competition

    I thought a bunch of players on this forum would like to see this. Some of the submitted video's to date. Make up you own mind about the competition. Golf Channel Instructor Search - Golf TV Shows | Golf Channel
  7. ggsjpc

    Should the PGA, USGA, R&A slow the ball down?

    Every time I hear this discussion, I get frustrated. I absolutely think they should NOT slow the ball down. Curious about other's opinions........
  8. ggsjpc

    D-Plane Outcomes

    I'm predicting in the not so distant future that the D plane will be replaced by a very similar but more inclusive model. I don't think it describes enough outcomes to stand the test of time. Been away for awhile but I'm curious on your thoughts.
  9. ggsjpc

    Just for Fun. A theory.......

    I have my own theory, but could someone give me theirs about why there doesn't seem to any consensus on the percentage of start direction relative to the face? I've seen as low as 60% and high as 85% even though, in terms of direction, a straight shot starts exactly where the face is...
  10. ggsjpc

    Team Golf - High School or College

    How many here think team golf should be coached like all other team sports or should it be different? I believe it should not be coached like a team sport. If anyone has information how coaches work with other individual 'team' programs like track, I would love to hear that information.
  11. ggsjpc


    How much power has been lost in the golf swing since the advent of soft spikes? I recently put on a pair of old shoes with spikes and it is unreal how much harder you can swing and how much more you can use the ground to generate speed. Any thoughts just for fun?
  12. ggsjpc

    Left Lean vs. Right Lean

    Ok, so I'll put forth the opposing view. 1st of all, I'm looking at K Shields, a 2 time US Open Champ, and a long drive champ vs. the golf digest guy and 2 others I don't know. I think that regardless of backswing type, hitting beyond the line requires additional steps. They are different...
  13. ggsjpc

    Question for Mandrin

    Like I said before, it's great to see you back. I've been doing a bunch a research on gear effect with iron heads. I hear that the COG is too close to the face that it doesn't occur and I've heard that it does occur. According to tuxen at trackman it does exist and I've asked Kevin if he had...
  14. ggsjpc

    Is there anyone that has dominated the game that copied someone else?

    Is there anyone that has dominated the game of golf that copied someone else? I think the answer to this question is why this site and Brian's upcoming summitt will be very interesting. I don't see it. If anyone has an example, please tell/show me. Get help and find your swing and see if...
  15. ggsjpc

    How many "makes" really are there?

    I read magazine articles and watch golf instruction on TV at times and I keep hearing that this "makes" this happen. Aside from the D-plane alignments, are there any real "makes" in a golf swing? I have a hard time picturing a situation where the golfer doesn't have the option to try and...
  16. ggsjpc

    Timing the flip vs. Flat left wrist

    How would a person know if they're better off timing the flip(because they have done it so long and can play scratch golf at times) or should convert to a flat left wrist? Is it up to the person and in this case isn't there a high probability that their scores would get worse before they get...
  17. ggsjpc

    Head and neck interference

    Can someone explain to me the importance of a flexible neck as it relates to the pivot. It looks to me that annika and duval turn their head in order to improve their pivot. I've been practicing trying to turn my head and pivot as fast and hard as I can and have had much greater success...
  18. ggsjpc

    How do I stop getting the handle so far ahead of the ball at impact?

    As I have been working on maintaining a bent right wrist and a flat left wrist through impact, I have been having trouble getting my driver in the air. When I fh20 myself, I can see plenty of axis tilt but I can pivot well enough to get the handle too far ahead of the ball and I end up with...
  19. ggsjpc

    How does the clubface square?

    How does the clubface square?(now with video) Is there a conscious effort to shape the face or should it "just happen"?
  20. ggsjpc

    So let's have the debate....Plane line or Club Face?

    Brian, Kev and other instructors, If a player has to get the face closed sooner with a wedge than they do with a driver, why wouldn't it make sense that stronger grips for short irons and weaker grips for drivers? I know you mentioned that relative to the plane line that the face is more open...