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    off topic but....

    Manti Te'o's Dead Girlfriend, The Most Heartbreaking And Inspirational Story Of The College Football Season, Is A Hoax
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    upright swing and shot shape

    upright swing, shot shape tendencies Question: Does an upright swing force a player into a natural left to right shot? Is it dangerous to try to hit draws from here? I ask because I have made a few changes. I was trying to get a lower left arm at the top but I started thinking my lack of...
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    Shaft length and lie angles

    Is there a simple correlation between adding or subtracting length to a club and it's "effective" lie angle? I've heard that adding 1/2 inch makes a club play 1* more upright than "standard". Is this pretty much accurate?
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    Adam Scott.....

    .....looks like a completely different player with the long putter AND Steve Williams. As my mom would say "I bet this really sticks in Tiger's craw".
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    Pro style wedge shots

    I've heard it a thousand times and also noticed it watching the pros play in person. They hit these low wedge shots that one hop and stop, not very many high FULL wedges. How do they do it? Is it simply that they are making three-quarter swings with the wedges/short irons vs. closer to "all out"...
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    My Swing

    So I've been around here for a couple months. Figured it was time to post a video of my action. 7 iron, started on my dowel line and faded about 5 yards. 7 iron, started on dowel line, fell left. I've come a long way from where I was a few months ago. Have a long way to go. A few things...
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    Nationwide Tour: Observations

    I went to the Nationwide Tour event here in Columbus yesterday at The Ohio State University Scarlet course. Was quite a day, temperatures in the mid 90's, heat index in the mid-high 100's. I have some observations of the day I would like to share and hear some input from others. It was...
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    Nationwide Childrens Hospital

    Are there any Manzella or Staff students playing in the Nationwide tour stop in Columbus? I'm going out there Friday and I want someone to follow. OR Are there any players out there that anyone else thinks I should watch?
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    Golfsmith Launch Moniter Accuracy

    I was at a local Golfsmith hitting drivers the other day and was surprised by some numbers given by the computer. This location uses a unit that takes high speed pictures of the ball to determine launch angle, spin, ball speed, clubhead speed etc. Does anyone have an idea of how accurate these...
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    Lee Trevino

    Good line from Feherty's show on the Golf Channel by ol' Lee Buck. "The funny thing about's like having a leaky shingle on your roof.....they wanna tear the house down....instead of finding the leak and repairing it". Method teachers anyone?
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    Pull back, run up, jump..... amazing. :D
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    Manzella Neutral Grip

    Is the "Manzella Neutral Grip" weaker than what most pop instructors push these days? I'm working on it and when I truly get the face to line up with the forearm with a flat left wrist, my grip is much weaker than what I've been using. In high school years ago I used to grip it much weaker but...
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    1) Does address hand height effect pop-out? 2) Does address hand height have an effect on getting across the line or laid off at the top of the backswing? I suppose you could substitute the angle between the left forearm and clubshaft for hand height. Closer to straight line=higher hands...
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    Adding flexibility

    I'm looking for any resources that people here have used and have been effective. I've started looking around and joined the Titleist TPI website. Any other ideas? Thanks.
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    Just found a trackman!!!

    Guys, just found a range reasonably close that has a Trackman. Emailed them and the pro said they charge $50 per hour to use. Is this a reasonable price in your experience? I mean, I'll probably end up trying it either way, but is this pretty much the going rate? For those of you in Central...
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    Number three

    10 tips ... that will improve your golf game Number three, especially the impact picture/feel along with a feeling of "releasing my head to the target at impact" is something I found on my own last summer. Is "Learn to turn the face toward the ball sooner in the downswing" tumble? I hear that...