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    Trajectory control LOL

    Watch this for a good laugh. Notice how Han takes a divot 6 inches in front of the ball.
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    Wild Bill Melhorn

    I understand that both Ben Hogan and Tommy Armour believed 'Wild' Bill to be the best ever from tee to green. His putting, however, could be wondrously awful. I have never seen his swing. Does anyone have a link to footage of his swing?
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    Getting rid of hands wobble at top.?

    I recently filmed my swing and it is getting much better. One thing I noticed is that I have a little hand wobble movement just before I get to the top . I would like to get rid of it. Part of my timing is set up around this move so I realise I will have to alter my timing to coincide with the...
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    Brett Quigley

    I watched Brett Quigley at the American Express Championships at The Grove and was very impressed with his ball striking. For a slightly built man with an at ease motion he hit the ball an incredible distance with a really good ball flight. Has anyone got any footage of his swing? Brian and...
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    Secondary axis tilt?

    Brian: In the downswing the tail bone moves closer to the target than at the top of the backswing increasing axis tilt. How quickly/quick should you get into your secondary axis ? Is the idea to get there as fast as possible or is it more gentle ?
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    Steve Webster?

    Has anyone got a link to a swing sequence of European Tour player Steve Webster ? I followed him round Walton Heath at US Open qualifying earlier this week on Monday. It is a course that I play and he was in spots 60 yards past where I hit the ball with the driver and I am not short. Some of...
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    Swinging under the stick?

    Brian: In another thread you wrote #3 - Swing under a stick that is about a foot off the ground on the target line, six inches or so behind the ball Can you go into what swinging under stick does for you and the logic behind it ? What do you mean when you say swing under the stick ? What...
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    Brian: Right wrist bend at impact?

    Brian: I notice that a lot of the great ball strikers eg Traveno and Hogan have a very pronounced amount of right wrist bend at impact as illustrated in your logo. It would seem to me that if you have this degree of right wrist bend the probability of throwaway and losing lag pressure is...
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    Brian: Congratulations on getting to 4000 members.

    Brian: Congratulations on passing the 4000 member mark. I remember when you turned up on Golfopinions then got banned and went to FGI and got banned there and then went on to set up your own website. Those guys did you a big favour. I would like to say thank you for the website and all the...
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    Brian: Double shift Backstroke?

    Brian: If you have a double shift swing how necessary is it to get the hands on the turned shoulder plane at the top as you would want for a single shift swing? Does it make sense having a flatter backswing so the drop onto the elbow plane in the downstroke is a smaller movement therefore...
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    Putting Stroke ?

    Brian : Can you do a video answer on your ideas of what a putting stroke should be. In this article you go into your the path of the stroke being on plane and are not impressed by the Pelz PILS stroke. Can you describe the role of...
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    Gym workouts for golf? ...and Manzella's quest!

    Brian, I have been going to the gym with my training partner 2 to 3 times a week for a year or so and my overall conditioning is good. I would like to reorganise my training to be more golf specific. I have been doing a lot of torso twists with a heavy medicine ball, pulley pulldowns like in...
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    An observation on Brian's address.

    In this article Brian wrote "Posture is often overlooked by golfers as important and often taught incorrectly by well meaning but misinformed teachers. In 1954 author H.A. Murray, in his book "THE GOLF SECRET,” talked about the...
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    David Toms' followthrough and finish?

    Brian: I notice that Toms and Michael Finney both have similar follow-throughs . Both seem to make a deliberate attempt to keep the pivot moving so that they have a straight right arm with the hands far away from the head in the finish as opposed to a more wrap around type finish. Did they get...
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    Axis tilt and the base of the spine?

    Brian: You said something about the base of the spine not only moving towards the target but also behind in the downswing. Can you go into this?
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    Power advantages of plane shifts?

    Brian: Are there any power advantages in choosing one customised plane option over another eg will you tend to be longer with a double shift swing than a single shift swing?
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    Next Video short . Shot Shaping

    Brian: Can you go into how swingers and hitters SHOULD shape the ball ? High shots, low shots, fades draws etc. We can all shape the ball but what are the TGM prefered ways of doing things? Eg for a low shot is it better to shift the aiming point forward or ball position back in the stance...
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    Next video short- Never Steer Again

    Brian: At Canton you pointed out that I was a heavy duty Steerer of the ball. I have gone a long way to fixing this following your advice but I am certain that there are many on this forum that bend the plane line in an attemt to steer the ball. How do you fix them and how would someone be...
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    Lowering ball flight? Impact hands?

    Brian: At Canton Ben said I was a high ball hitter when he was watching the video of my swing. at the time I though nothing of it but now I am beginning to wonder if it was an observation or a criticism. IYO was my ball flight too high ? I have been watching Ben's and your videos and notice...
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    6-B-4-C Maximum trigger Delay and accuracy?

    Brian: Ben did something to me in the bunker and it has stuck in my head. He got me into a sit down squat ,some axis tilt and got my right elbow in a Pitch Basic position. I have added your throwing the drunk off the left shoulder power move and am starting to bomb it.I have been watching...