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  1. mjstrong

    Theory: Right hand coming off grip

    I'll throw this l'il theory out there, and feel free to rip it apart. Re: why a RH player's right hand may regularly come off the golf club around impact, either all the way or mostly, as in this shot of Mr. Singh. I think that some players bottom hands are doing this is because, at that...
  2. mjstrong

    Tournament Performance Evaluation

    All you teachers out there: If you had a student who played tournament golf regularly, and whose goals are geared towards those events, how would you evaluate the recent statistical performance below: 54-hole tournament, approx. course yardage 6700 yards, par 71 (5 par 3's, 4 par 5's - 3 of...
  3. mjstrong

    Short v Long Thumb Grip

    Do you think it's a fair statement to say that: a "short thumb" grip would be better suited (ie. have a comparitive advantage) for applying the downswing's initial tangential (and impact's pulling) force on the club, while the "long thumb" grip may be able to more easily apply the...
  4. mjstrong

    Late night grip musings

    Since a player's hands are going to be pulling inwards on the grip/shaft, perpendicular to the club head's 3D Path, at impact (referring to the concepts from the "new release"), should that not be a major consideration in considering how to put one's hands on the club? In other words, if I take...
  5. mjstrong

    Camera Angle

    I just turned on the Golf Channel's coverage of the HSBC Women's Champions, and am glad to see the "new" camera angle that they're using. It's an overhead "on-the-swing-plane" perspective, meaning it looks down at an angle that almost replaces the clubhead at the top from where it was at...
  6. mjstrong

    Tiger's new setup

    His shoulders sure do appear aligned quite a bit left for a lot of the shots I've seen in the President's Cup. A couple have been long fairway wood / long iron shots where he was obviously trying to play a fade of some kind, but it seems like quite a bit left. Thoughts?
  7. mjstrong

    Shot 59 to win the event

    Okay, it was in a two-man scramble round, but it was still pretty fun. :)
  8. mjstrong

    OT: Never seen this before...

    The guys who work in golf shops can probably relate, but I'm sure everyone here can appreciate this; never had this combination of products purchased for the same player. I just sold a new $500 Bushnell GPS/Laser Hybrid unit to one of our members. They also special ordered a "top of the line"...
  9. mjstrong

    An "off topic" forum?

    Since the main forum has always been called "Golfing Discussions," why not have another sub-forum for non-golf topics? Just in case some of the members here want each others' opinions on non-golf topics (current events, leisure, etc.)... Or does this involve too much moderation (very possible)?
  10. mjstrong

    Close Up Putting

    I've noticed that, from the close up "down the line" putting views on TV, a lot of Tour pros appear to pull their putts online. Is this just a wonky sample size, an indicator of d-plane balancing (aim right, swing up), or an eye/visual thing where most unintentionally aim right and have...
  11. mjstrong

    Calling all Gear Effect experts

    In one of Trackman's newsletters (, they state that an off center hit, for both irons and woods, will result in a differently-tilted spin axis (no surprise there), but will not result in any change to the launch angle. This goes against...
  12. mjstrong

    "Impact" Plane

    Since Trackman's in the mood to change labels, I vote that their definition of "Swing Plane" be changed to now be called "Impact Plane," since it is not really representing the plane of the entire swing, but merely the moments around impact. Thoughts? Sorry for those who opened up this...
  13. mjstrong

    Ignore List

    Did you guys know that, in your User CP settings (top left of screen), you can add members to your "Ignore List," and this will hide their posts when you're viewing a thread? I didn't, but am sure glad that I stumbled onto it...
  14. mjstrong

    European Tour vs. PGA Tour

    Is anybody else more excited to watch the European Tour in 2011 than the PGA Tour? There are so many interesting characters, and they seem to play a lot of the events. I think that, if you look at the world rankings, the Euro Tour may have stronger fields at the top. This is probably the...
  15. mjstrong

    Putting/Tiger experts

    Calling all Tiger/Putting experts: It looks like Tiger will continue to use his regular, faithful gamer on regular, quick greens, and then another Nike model (final rd. in Oz, 1st 3 rounds at St. Andrews) on "slower" greens. I can understand the rationale for using a different putter on...
  16. mjstrong

    Wedge play keys?

    So, with all the new Trackman data out there, and improved D-plane knowledge, I'd like to hear how these applications have improved people's wedge play. I'm asking because, even though I've kept improving my game over the last couple of years, I feel that my wedge play has gotten worse. I'm...
  17. mjstrong

    Hitting Up With a Driver, or Not....

    No it doesn't. What if a player hits more fairways, and/or has a more predictable miss with a decending AoA?
  18. mjstrong

    Ideal TV Show for Golf Instructors

    This Golf Channel contest and the references to the next "Golf Fix"-type show got me thinking: what kind of a new, different format would help the general golfing public? How about showing a real lesson, with student and teacher giving commentary on it as it's being shown? What kinds of ideas...
  19. mjstrong

    Ultimate Frustration

    First round of our Section's Championship today, +1, 72, T11 after morning shotgun, 17 GIR (two of them under regulation). That's means there were a lot of putts out there... This seems to happen from time to time. Why does my distance control seem so off some days? Yikes. Thanks for...
  20. mjstrong

    Swinging Left vs. higher VSP

    VSP Experts: At first glance, it would seem that swinging more left would encourage a lower VSP post-impact. I'm picturing a David Toms type through-swing, that exits through or below his left shoulder. This seems to me like a low-VSP result. But, we are hearing that a VSP that matches your...