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  1. westy

    David Frost

    So I am gonna meet David Frost tomorrow.......:cool: whats the deal....? i just read this weeks golf digest Hogan article where it talks about how Frost went in the office at his factory in Ft Worth, and 'the guy' with him had to wait outside.....(the big Easy....)
  2. westy

    balls or centered? Forceplates...?

    Wondering about peoples preferences for set up and swing. Address: Weight towards the balls of feet more (tiger woods has this appearance) Or Centered in the spot where your feet feel the same as if you are standing up straight, say having a beer. In motion: staying out on the balls of feet...
  3. westy

    3D Cameras...?

    Anyone know anything about this technology...?:cool::cool::cool: Sony Global - Sony Develops High Frame Rate Single Lens 3D Camera Technology
  4. westy

    How about only three laws?

    1. Speed. 2. Center Strikes. 3. D Plane. :eek:
  5. westy

    How to read trackman data...?

    So I have a trackman coming to my sandbox, and want to make the most of it. What do I look for? I want to run some students thru it, after myself of course, and want to know what to look for. Any clues? Ideal stats/ tour averages/ as gar as club data goes...?
  6. westy

    TGM BIA reviews...?

    Has anyone read through the New TGM BIA Book? What did you think?