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  1. Burner

    Connection problems

    Just me? Or, is anyone else experiencing delays in connection, odd messages, or server unavailability - e.g Been like this for a few days now on this site only.
  2. Burner

    Mr. S Hank

    Can someone describe the feel of hitting one of those shots that we never care to mention? Is it a dull thud, as I imagine, or some other feeling? Can it approximate to the feel of a decent connection? I have recently started hitting shots that squirt off to the right of the intended target...
  3. Burner

    IT illiterate needs help.

    Brian's latest video offerings are in a Quick Time format that my Windows 98SE system cannot cope with. According to Quick Time I need Windows 2000 or later to view them. It will be a little while until I get a more up to date PC so, in the meanwhile, have any of you guys got any ideas as to...
  4. Burner

    Re the article: Don't hit it at the target.

    Brian, Hi, and thanks for the article and the site, but where are (pic.1) and (pic.2). Will we get to see them[?]