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  1. hp12c

    Inbee Park

    So she is the 1 player on the LPGA has won 2 of the majors this year, just won on Sunday, in a playoff and is probably the favorite for the next major. Her swing may not look like those cookie cutter golf swings but shis lady can golf her ball. Comments?
  2. hp12c

    US OPEN 2013 MERION.....

    So what you guys think. Wet short course, high rough, small greens. Par will be a good score or birdies will reign?
  3. hp12c

    pinata release

    I saw this on tv and it reminded me of Brian talking about it on another thread.
  4. hp12c

    Im liking Matt Kuchars swing

    His takeaway reminds me of SD pattern. What else do you guys see?
  5. hp12c


    So my daughter was recruited for her varsity golf team, she hasnt played since she was in 3rd grade. "Not many teen girls want to golf" is what the coach said and when he found out my daughter played he convinced her to join the team. So I was back as her "swing coach" yay!!!! sorta! and let me...
  6. hp12c

    Ben Kohles

    Wins 2 tourny's the 1st win was his 1st entry as a professional and only being a professional for 1 week! 2 weeks as a professional and 2 wins wow!
  7. hp12c

    How many of the forum members and instructor see the impact in their swing?

    I ask cause I sometimes dont and I was wondering should we be looking at the impact on our swing?
  8. hp12c


    .......Shallow is good but now and then Mr steep shows up uninvited and brings an unwanted guest Mr divot aka beaverpelt. Mr Steep and Mr Divot were always welcomed untill my roomate Mr ball started acting funny when Mr Steep and Mr Divot showed up, see Mr ball is kinda sensitive and when Mr...
  9. hp12c

    Jekyll and Hyde.

    Ok Dr Jekyll is the Ideas on the release and Mr Hyde is what I do from what I learned from COFF FLW yada yada yada. I though COFF was the best thing ever for me well NSA too and it is. All my golf pals were so impressed with the distance and divot taking I was too! I was not the best of chipper...
  10. hp12c

    Tiger Wins

    Wow what a win especially in Jack place what a shot from the rough and to birdie the last hole vintage Tiger. I wonder if Bmanz will do a video on that shot from the rough?
  11. hp12c

    82 Year old man Helped my driver swing.

    Ok laugh but I had some extra time and a little money, that in itself is remarkable too. So I head out to my range, get my bucket of ball and start to get ready. Today is driver day, me and old ping aint been getting along so good for quite awhile. I used to pop it there pretty good, but for the...
  12. hp12c

    Natalie Gulbis+ Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Edition= Nice!!!!

    So my son has a subscription to SI and I really dont read much but today I had to miss work and the SI swim edition arrived and being of the mae persuasion the cover caguth my eye! So I perused the mad and lo and behold there in living color is NG with a painted yes I said painted! swimsuit...
  13. hp12c


    What swingweights do you guys use for irons and woods?
  14. hp12c

    left arm straight way after impact.

    Hey guys I have this issue with my left arm, well I have other issue too, but right now its my left arm bending after impact. From watching pros swing on you tube their left arm is straight at impact and waaaayy after impact, seem like it remains straight untill the hands are about head high...
  15. hp12c

    For your amusement, my swing

    Yeah I know lots of issues, so let me have it, better get some thick skin. I took this video this week Tuesday swinging/hitting an 8 iron
  16. hp12c

    A plan for lowering mine and my fathers scores.

    I play about a round a week with my dad at an executive course were the par is 62 and the total yardage is 3802. I did a little calculation on the 10 most previous round and this what I came up with. Based on my total strokes in those ten rounds my average strokes for the ten rounds is 78.364 my...
  17. hp12c

    Hardest/toughest shot in golf.

    Some announcer I think it was J miller said the 40yd bunker shot is the hardest/toughest shot in golf. I had a chance to do just that shot and won 10 bucks. My playing partner bet me I could get it out near the green, remember he said near the green not on the green, I looked at the sand and the...
  18. hp12c

    Improving lie

    Im watching the LPGA playoff and to me it appeared as if Suzanne improved her lie by patting down the grass behind the ball. They showed her ball when it landed in the rough behind the green and the ball was sitting down. This is what I saw she placed her iron behind the ball with only her right...
  19. hp12c

    Well it finally happened!

    Yup, long putter wins major championship. I knew it was coming but didnt think it would come so fast. I guess I should have seen the writing on the wall, more players using a long putter. Lets see how many more player jump on board and how many more and how soon another major will be won with a...
  20. hp12c

    The PGA is in Canada.

    Wow its Saturday and none of the pros are in double digit underpar! I was listening to the anouncers talk about the rough and after watching the tournament today I like the rough that high it compound the crooked tee shot and rewards the fairway shot. I would like to see all of the PGA stops...