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    A Change is Coming

    To making changes, learning, growing and forging new paths! "A Change Is Coming" LeRoy Bell - YouTube
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    Feedback needed on camera video system without electrical plug in

    Here's the dilemma: You want a camera/computer/swing analysis software program to use at the back of the range. No electricity to plug into. a Casio camera (battery operated) and say a laptop. Can you do it? Is the battery limitation on the laptop going to severely limit your time? Would...
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    Looking for face on swing sequences of Rory, Darren or Graeme

    Looking for face on swing sequences of Rory, Darren or Graeme - Also, is there an easy way to create a swing sequence from a video? Thanks in advance
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    Golf Simulator

    Well, I'm moving back to San Diego from the State of Maine. I'll be selling my Golf Studio which includes a Championship Model High Definition Golf Simulator High Definition Golf and throw in some free stuff from my Golf Studio i.e. Casio camera, computer, murals, netting, etc etc. If someone...
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    Golf Fitting Systems (Cart)

    I have a Golf Studio up here in Maine - High Definition Golf Simulator and Video equipment. For personal use in the winter and about 20 guys paid an annual fee to use it. Self Service type of place. I'd like to have a fitting cart available for players to use, etc. - but given the...
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    The Iclub hardware/ software package looks interesting (not the vest) - any user feedback? iClub™, Smarter technology for better golf™