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    Tracing a Straight Plane Line

    Is this still a valid concept? I know the forum doesn't discuss planes much anymore. Just curious if this concept was blown up by science or if it is still being used.
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    Golf Apps for iPhone

    Can anyone recommend golf-related apps for the iphone? I definitely want a GPS and heard Golfshot was the best one. What about the iPing app for putting? Anyone try that? I was thinking about using it for winter practice in my basement.
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    US Open Odds

    Some of the favorites listed below. Not sure who I'm taking but I'll probably spread a little money around on the guys with higher odds. You can see all the odds here: PGA Golf Betting, EPGA Golf Odds, Lines, Bets at Bodog Sportsbook Lee Westwood 12/1 Luke Donald 12/1 Phil Mickelson 14/1...
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    Back Problems

    I've recently been experiencing back pain and have stopped playing for the past few weeks. I've since worked on more stretching as well as some physical therapy exercises. The pain isn't too bad so I hope to get back on the course soon. I was looking at my swing for possible faults that may...
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    Need a Little Help

    Hello to all and let me say thank you to those who contribute to the forum! I have been playing for a little more than a year and have gained more quality information from this site and Brian's videos in the past three months than the previous nine I wasted elsewhere. I need some feedback on...