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    Any Updates?

    So the Masters is over. Any updates to the new videos? Anything new to share on what you've been working on the last 6 months Brian?
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    Closed Club Face

    I cant seem to find an answer to this question using search so forgive me if its been covered. What would the swing tendencies be with a club face that is to closed during the backswing? Furthermore, how would I fix it? When I try to swing back with a more neutral club face I tend to...
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    Just for fun. Swing video of my 8 year old son

    Hope this is okay. If not let me know and I'll take it down. Not looking for swing help just thought this was some fun video. Took him to golf practice with me the other day and let him hit some balls on the range. He plays golf with me once in a while but hasn't really caught the bug yet...
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    The hips

    I can tend to be a little OCD and it helps me to think through a new concept out loud in an attempt to understand it. In this case out loud is posting on this forum. It seems that Art has proved that setting the rear hip before the back swing to facilitate dynamic balance and rotating the...
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    The Pareto principle and playing better golf

    If your not familiar with Pareto's principle wiki it. You'll have a better understanding of it than I could hope to convey here. An alternate name of the Pareto Principle, the 80/20 rule, has been applied to a lot of things outside of economics. A very simplified explanation of 80/20 is that...
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    How I made Soft Draw work for me AKA Evolution of a golf swing.

    My standard disclaimer, I'm not an expert just a high school golf coach that loves to play the game. I've been working on the soft draw pattern for several weeks and just haven't been able to make it work. I was working to hard at trying to make the ball draw. I'm not sure when the light bulb...
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    So what IS going on with the "modern" golf swing?

    Disclaimer: I'm not an expert. I'm a mid 80's player thinking out loud and looking for educated opinions. I also think to much. I've been watching lots of video of the younger players on tour and in college. All most all of these swings seem to be very similar. Yes they look different if...
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    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly...My Swing

    I haven't put my swing on video in a long time. I suffer from inconsistency like most amateurs and would like to get better. My swing is self taught. I have never had a lesson in my life. I'm not a bad player. My normal scores are right around 80 on moderately difficult courses. I'm not a...
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    SD question re:rolling the club face open and hitting pulls

    I'm having some great results with softdraw. I'm starting to think this might be the best pattern for me but I'm having a couple of issues. Why do I tend to roll the face open on the back swing and how do I stop doing this? Also, I've been hitting some pulls while working on SD. Not pull...
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    What Tiger is Missing?

    "Tiger did better when we worked on motion more than positions. He picked up the importance of posture or ball position better when I would show him how to hit certain shots, which was his favorite thing. I never tried to load him up with a lot of mechanical thoughts." -- John Anselmo I have...
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    My back is killing me! Help!

    I need to shoot some video and post it up but I'll try to describe what I'm doing in hopes of getting some answers. I have a take away that goes a good bit inside with a closed face. My first move back is a full turn of the hips. My first move down is a snap of the hips to the left. Club...
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    Building Blocks Grip Question

    I just purchased building blocks the other day. I've used the grip described in the video for most of my playing carreer. The problem I have with the grip is when I change my grip pressure a little bit, make it a little tighter, the face closes. What am I doing wrong? Could this account for...
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    What are the fundamental rules of the game?

    I'm a high school golf coach and it's time to start getting ready for the season again. I always have difficulty teaching the rules of golf in a way that will allow my players to apply them during a round of golf. I had an idea the other day to break the rules down and focus on the...
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    18 Month Layoff. Now What?

    So I just finished an 18 month, military induced, layoff from golf. With the current weather in middle USA it may be a bit longer. So what should my plan be to get my swing back? I never established a handicap but was a decent player before my time off. Usually played 18 in the high 70's to...
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    Float Loading Help - Brain / Others

    My swing gets really lose at the top and has since I started playing 10 years ago. My left arm bends a little to much and my left hand grip gets a little lose at the top. I lose my feel for the clubhead, over accelerate, come over the top a little, hit pull hooks followed by blocks, and manage...
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    I fixed two slicers today with NSA

    I've coached high school golf for the last 10 years. I fixed two slicers (fairly new players) today using some of the stuff I learned watching NSA. Mostly I just fixed their grips and taught them to use some twist away. The first time both of them hit a draw they looked at me like I was a...
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    How to start my HS teams season?

    Former or current golf coaches - I've been a high school golf coach for 10 years now and I'm always looking for ways to improve how I run my team. I'm looking for ideas from the rest of you on how to start the golf season for my high school boys team. Most of the players that I get are three...
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    Results of gripping to much in fingers?

    For a right handed golfer, what would the results be of taking the grip with the club to much in the fingers? Is it even possible to get the club to far in the fingers with the left hand? How would you fix someone that is comfortable playing this way?
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    Toe Hooks with NSA

    I decided to go back to NSA after getting tired of my fade turning into a push slice this summer. The fade is gone but I've started hitting a lot of shots way out on the toe with every club in the bag. What are some possible reasons for this? I'm not playing very often right now becasue I'm...
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    Twist away and low ball flight

    I used to be a high ball flight, left to right, flipper. I've been working really hard on NSA and Former Flipper and it is starting to come around for me. The only thing that is bothering me is I'm now hitting the ball really low with the longer irons, driver, and 3w. Will I ever be able to...