TGM BIA reviews...?

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Personal opinion only - it is the least useful golf instructional book that I have ever read. I sent it back.



Common Language...

Did you get a refund...? lol.
I was wondering, because I am halfway thru it, and was trying to get a handle on its usefulness.... Sure, I get the idea, and golf needs a language, but is this it?
A couple of years ago I attended a golf technology conference at MIT in Boston and was sat behind Manzella and Doyle at the point when the conference moderator (Boffin/Nerd/ Way-to-smart guy) was saying in his summary on the last day how it is apparent golf needs a common language, after hearing us all speak in different terminology. At this point, |Doyle pipes up .....' its all there.....! Homer wrote it in 1960....! whatever..... I guess you had to be there.

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Brian is at the TGM summit now as we speak so I am sure he can provide an entertaining and informative wrap of it; as it contains quite a large ammount of BIA material from the author Matt Rossman.
The Golfing Machine, based on physics and geometry, is now on its 7th Edition?

And BIA is on its 2nd Edition? What happened to the first?
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