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    Loosely Golf Science Related

    This is vaguely golf related (although mostly an advert for some material characterisation software), for anyone who is interested: The references look pretty interesting too (at least to me!) although I...
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    Random Open musings. Oh, and my dad is a genius!

    Had a great day at Lytham Friday. My favourite quote of the day, from my dad. We were sat behind the practice ground, watching the morning big names and trying to get used to picking the ball out against the grey sky of British summer. I ask my dad if he's getting them and he says he's just...
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    Help. Totally lost.

    First time at the range today for a long while, and hit nothing but tops and skanks, through the bag, with the exception of a couple drives that went further than usual, but low on the face and pulled a lot. I have my first (and probably last) round of the summer next week and don't want to...
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    FATS Follow-up questions

    I have some questions specific to the FATS data Mike posted. This is purely on the science, so I wanted to separate it out into a new thread. Hope that is ok. As far as I can see, the data posted was for 4 individual golfers. Is that correct and if so, was there a larger sample size for the...
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    Is this grip too weak?

    I've been struggling with NSA since I bought the video, I could never get downswing twist or put the club on the movie screen. Have weakened my left hand grip way more than I thought was needed (see below) and it all just fell into place. BUT it feels, and looks (to my untrained eye) super weak...
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    Help - which pattern should I work on (totally confused)

    I'm an open-faced hacker who flips it straight, so I spent some of the winter working on face control with twistaway and other NSA components. I initially felt some improvement, with really good contact, but now I'm not so sure. I can never get anywhere near wedding ring up post impact and still...
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    Wedding ring up problems

    Am really struggling with this. Feel like I can hold the twist well into the downswing (last parallel) but then I lose it and flip. Ball flight is usually straight but short and super high. Cannot get to wedding ring up, no matter what I try. What am I missing?
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    Bend me over (like a real golfer)

    Brian, I was searching for stuff about setup, specifically forward bend at address, and the only threads I could find were pretty old. Seems you used to advocate a lot of bend, but knowing how far your thinking has moved on, I wonder if this setup is still recommended. And what is everyone elses...
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    Effect of upper body length on swing

    I am only just 6' but have quite a long upper body (I struggle to get shirts that are long enough). I recently videoed my swing for the first time and one of the many bad things that stood out is that my arms are inside vertical at address, even though the distance between my hands and belt...
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    NHA hips

    Help, I'm struggling with the NHA pivot. I feel like I'm getting up the wall ok with my hands and arms, but I can't get a feel for the correct hip motion in the backswing. Feels like I'm sliding too much and I've lost a LOT of distance. In the video Brian says to 'slide' rather than turn the...
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    Finally, Some Actual Science

    Well, its maths really (and yeah, math is plural this side of the pond - as it should be!). In amongst all this sh!t was Zick's nugget: Now that's some good stuff. Pretty obvious really, but good stuff none-the-less. See its o.k. to say 'we have the science to prove it' but unless you publish...
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    Blending arms and pivot

    I'm really struggling with this and would be grateful for some advice. My swing is all pivot, with arms dragged way inside & low. I'm trying to get more straight back and up with the arms, but when I do this I can't help but slide my hips & reverse pivot. Any suggestions how I can get the right...