How did you get here?

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1. When did you start playing golf?
2. How many years have you been playing/teaching?
3. How many different instructors have you worked with (no names), and how did they work for you?
4. How did you first here about Brian's site?


1. Age 24
2. 19 yrs
3. Before working with Brian, 4 instructors. A mixed bag ranging from wrong method, to wrong information, to just not a good fit at the time. The most I worked with any of the 4 was twice.
4. Oddly enough, it was from a person who's since been banned from the site. His words... Manzella is the best at fixing swings live, you should check out his website.
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1. Age 13, but started playing regularly at age 30
2. 67 - 30 = 37 minus 10 years of abstinence = 27
3. Five including Brian and Michael, but never anything long term with one instructor.
4. I don't remember.
1. Age 31

2. About 6 years

3. Have tried 3 or 4 instructors in person, but never more than a lesson or two at most. Have read a lot of books, tried a lot of stuff and wasted a couple of years (years 1.5 through 3) on some internet junk

4. Brian is part of a lot of online conversations and ranks quite highly in searches for certain terms and concepts. Took me one or two goes to 'get it' but his videos and teaching have been incredibly helpful over the last 2-3 years.


Started at age 58
Playing 20 yrs
At least 15 insructors (3 with mike 2 with brian) Finally got to know how the swing works..
Looking for info on the golf swing found this site......
1. 34
2. 10 years
3. 7 instructors (1 one-off one for putting, 1 one-off one for short game, 1 beginners group lessons, 1 over a few years teaching the right sided swing, got me better but then staled, 1 short term was a fixer [fix a problem with another problem], 1 when on holidays in South Africa [he helped me get away from the right side swing, dropped 3 strokes of my handicap. When having lessons with him I then get to play the local course at members rate - pays for itself] and my current instructor (for 2 years now) who is a member here as well. If Brian or Michael ever come to the UK hopefully one instructor more ;-)
4. Reading up on TGM and its flaws led me soon to
Was 9 when I started playing.
Got fairly good fast but took a break from age 15 to age 40.
Several lessons from a line-drawer and then an internet guru.
Found Brian and this site after the internet guru added about 18 shots to my handicap.

Dariusz J.

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1. I was 36 years old;
2. 12 years;
3. Two or three at the very beginning -- in total no more than 10 lessons all together;
4. Having finished my interest in clubfitting (that interested me the most through the first years of my adventure with golf) I was pretty aware how to move on English-language fora and started to look for swing instruction fora through an ordinary googling procedure; found quite a few, among others, GEA, Hardy's, Quinton's, Iseekgolf, Blake's and Manzella's. Only the last one survived the test of time.

1. When did you start playing golf?
2. How many years have you been playing/teaching?
3. How many different instructors have you worked with (no names), and how did they work for you?
4. How did you first here about Brian's site?

1. Age 10
2. 21 yrs
3. 1 GTE Certified instructor. Everything until 4 years ago was learned from my uncle and dad. (Check the box: Did your dad play?)
4. I'm having trouble remembering now, but I think it was through a forum dedicated to all things golf. I was reading through a long thread dedicated to a training aid designed to "sustaining the lag" or some other rubbish. I was on the wrong path and getting worse. Over the last 2 years I've dropped close to 9 strokes from my cap.
1. 29
2. 7 years
3. Maybe 6 instructors. I'm good friends with two of them, I have learned quite a bit on the mental part of the game from them, but not that much on the swing.
4. Was Googling casting and flipping and Confessions of a former flipper came up. I'm like what the hell is this? I joined the site a few weeks before the the release thread started and got hooked. So much so that if my girlfriend sees me doing anything with my phone other than talking on it she yells "quit blogging with those golf weirdos! We're breaking up!"
1. 10 years old, but not very frequently
2. 21
3. I've probably received instruction from at least 10 people. But five of them really stand out in my mind. When I was young, I essentially copied my dad's hacker-slice swing. I never truly fixed that problem until I worked with a famous instructor here in Texas around age 20 and 21. After college, I moved to Washington, D.C. and stopped playing golf. In 2009, I moved back to Texas and I've been playing a lot since. And I've made great progress with two particular instructors.
4. First started visiting Brian's site way back in 2003. The famous guy in Texas who fixed my slice is a TGM disciple. And I knew that a lot of Brian's stuff was TGM to I naturally gravitated to his site.
1. 25 or 26 years old
2. 11 or 12 years.
3. 1 lesson live lesson, 1 phone lesson. Phone lesson gave me something that I use to this day. Live lesson was ok.
4. Trying to get longer led me to a search for lag, which led to TGM, which led me to Brian's site. Like the way he approaches fixing the swing, liked it even more when I actually saw some live lesson video. Having him work on my swing in person is on my to do list when it's feasible.
1. 26
2. Playing 6 years.
3. 1 half hour lesson from 1 instructor. (It was a "Living Social" coupon my girlfriend (now wife) gave me for my birthday.) Guy was nice but it seemed like he was more used to beginners and didn't know how to help me. What he wanted me to do seemed really unathletic so I dropped it.
4. I don't really remember exactly how I found this place. I think I was just internet surfing and stumbled upon it reading about golf and stuck around because I liked what I saw.
I should also add that I've made the biggest gains in my playing ability since finding this site. I haven't really had lessons, but the one, which I don't really count. However I feel almost like I have from access to the information I've found here. I think it has been just as good or better then lessons I could get live from some local dude. Learning about the d-plane, and understanding how tumble and especially reverse tumble relates to my swing has been huge.
1. Started playing golf regularly at 24
2. Been playing for 16 years now. Been a high school golf coach for 14 years but do not consider myself a golf teacher.
3. Zero. Best handicap has been an 8 (last spring) with out any lessons. Own several of Brian's videos though. They have done more to fix my swing than anything I've ever done. That being said I haven't touched a club since last July.
4. Don't remember for sure. I think I was looking at TGM and came across this website via Google.
How I got here

1. 37
2. 20
3. I've had one live lesson with Michael Jacobs.
That lesson was beneficial
4. Read an article about Bobby Clampett, which lead me
to the Golf Machine, then to Brian

Up until discovering this forum, I read everything out there about
golf. I've learned more here in several years than all the other sources

In the last two years My playing partner's often comment about how much better
I control my ball.

I played about two weeks ago at Willow Creek in Mt Sinai NY
it was in the 30's with 25mph winds. I shot 80 with 37
on the back. That was the best round I ever played.

I credit Brian and Michael and all the folks here that are
so learned.

Thank You !


1. When did you start playing golf?
2. How many years have you been playing/teaching?
3. How many different instructors have you worked with (no names), and how did they work for you?
4. How did you first here about Brian's site?

1. 12 years,
2. 30 years
3. 3 or 4 before Brian, everyone tried to fit you instead of work with what you bring to the table.
4. Mike, hopefully you are the one who suggested this site. You and I met on another site and you and I always sided against the now banned member who recommended you join. Dariuz was at the other site as well.
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