Ryder Cup

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Its a fun week, end of. It means nothing of course. It does not even mean that USA or Europe have the better golfers when one team wins and the other looses. Great to watch, but for us hard core golf fans it's really just a bit of light-hearted hilarity and emotion. And there's a lot of money in it for the advertisers and broadcasters.

Team Europe? Gimme a break. Have a look at the Euros (soccer) to see the "unity" which exist in Europe. Have a look at the Greek economy and how every other country resents having to bail them out. Sure, we're proud that "Europe" (western, northern) has caught and possibly overtaken USA as the richest and most developed region of the world but we're all still proud to be British or German or Dutch or Belgian or French or Swedish or Norwegian or Danish or Irish or Spanish or Finnish or Austrian or Swiss or Italian or or or....
Oh, and by the way, did ANYONE not cringe at that weird so-called national anthem for Europe? I nearly puked.
A long time ago in Germania.

Should have got him to sing it. ROFL.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/oWGZdYNpaSo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
That was an odd one, to be sure. I didn't even realize there was a European anthem...When was that composed?
That was part of Beethoven's Symphony No 9 in D minor, Op. 125 'Freude schöner Götterfunken'
It normally sounds better than that. It normally has a choir singing it (for the Symphony) but as we have a few too many languages in Europe that gets rather difficult (I am sure the Brits wouldn't want it sung in its original German language ;-)
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I bet Davis Love subscribes - on some level - to the idea that a Ryder Cup match over 18 holes between two world class pros is something close to a coin toss.

I bet Paul Azinger does not subscribe to that view.

In 2008, making a talking point of the "Pod System" (etc etc) basically added to each player's conviction that he was in the best position to win; it gives players conviction that they will win and/or takes away excuses for losing.

Secrets are baloney....but it's great to play on the team that has the secret all the same.

What's that old golfing maxim about the guy with the plan always beating the guy with none? (Harvey Penick's book maybe?)

Also I - Bubba Watson and Keegan Bradley (on Saturday afternoon) would have been great partners for Tiger.

Also II - Phil and Keegan's pumped up attitude was great to watch; would love to see more of it


that they were not behaving like "proper golfers", i guess they did not like all the fist pumping and jumping around from the american side, especially braddley.

Case of the pot calling the kettle black. Just 2 words Ian Polter..........I rest my case.
that they were not behaving like "proper golfers", i guess they did not like all the fist pumping and jumping around from the american side, especially braddley.

Phil probably gave over 500 "thumbs up" over the course of 3 days, considering he was giving thumbs up to his palying partners, the gallery, volunteers, rules officials, the guy selling lemondae. Perhaps Phil was just trying to avoid thumb tendonitis.
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