Sustaining the lag/The truth

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I always hear TGM people talk about "sustaining the lag" through impact and beyond.Is this feel or is this real?

We know good swings load on the transition creating lag angle and good players can hold this angle longer.But you can see that angle starts to release when the hands are around hip height.

Is it really possible to sustain the lag pressure in the shaft once that angle starts to release and the clubhead suddenly accelerates to maximum velocity in a fraction of a second?

Kevin Shields

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There are plenty of threads that deal with this so do some searches. People do not "hold the angle" as is so commonly said. Some players load pressure more which bends the right wrist back more. They do not hold that angle. In fact, good players are trying to release it comparitively soon. But the dynamics of the transition make it appear that the angle is held. Once the shaft begins to kick forward, or the head gets on the left side of vertical(halfway down) you cant sustain anything.

Jim Kobylinski

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There are 3 basic wrist torques:

1) no torque
2) postive torque
3) negative torque

that along with club loading will achieve different trigger delay "looks." Do a search, brian expanded on them.
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