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    Sometimes 2D video can be dead accurate - Off topic

    If one play ever summed up a season (pay note to the "10" yard line).... Go Gators! Keep Will!
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    Top 10 all timers

    Who are yours, and does today move Phil onto your list?
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    I've only been following college basketball for 40 years, but was always under the impression that winning The Tournament got you a 2 year exemption. Was told that's were the PGA Tour got the idea. Who else shares my outrage for this wrong of wrongs? While we're on the subject of uncharted...
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    Part I: Strengths

    What are your top 2 strengths? Can be any part of the game... physical, mental, conditioning, etc.
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    Fun equipment fact #23

    In the past 12 months on the PGA Tour, graphite shafted irons have been used to win more than $23,000,000.
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    $15,230,400... his last 5 starts. Imagine the money he'll make when he fixes his swing. :rolleyes: Great job, Brent. SEC! SEC! :) Let's not forget about Rocco too. Not a bad day for "bad" swings.
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    How did you get here?

    1. When did you start playing golf? 2. How many years have you been playing/teaching? 3. How many different instructors have you worked with (no names), and how did they work for you? 4. How did you first here about Brian's site...
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    Golf resolutions

    What are your's for 2013? Mine... to do whatever I can to make it injury free for 12 months with better conditioning and quality over quantity.
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    More and less

    What would you like to see more of and less of in 2013?
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    Interesting looking app

    Has anyone seen this or know anything about its merits? Looks like it was just released yesterday. The concept is interesting. Golf Mtrx
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    Short tumbling

    How does tumbling fit in or apply to 1/2 and 3/4 swings... swings more than pitches but less than full swings?
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    Golf just won its first Heisman

    Shooting par golf by age 11, I'm guessing this is the first Heisman winner with a + handicap. Says he's a better baseball player than football player and a better golfer than baseball player... whaaat? Not a bad Heisman tumble either. :) Well done Johnny Golf.
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    A a piece of the game died today

    The balls and clubs are fine, it's poor putters that are hutting the game... c'mon.:mad:
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    Off Topic: Behind the scenes at the NCAA

    When some of our topics evolve into academia-centric discussions, my brain reflexively retracts and looks for simpler concepts to grasp. I always get a kick out of the classics... :)
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    What's a good swing?

    More specifically, what's a good swing for you? Aside from all the models and perfect positions we all have in our head of what we should look like, what do you want from your swing at it's most functionally level? Strictly thinking in big picture terms. Regardless of score, what needed to...