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Frame 7 El Tigre's shaft looks like this (, not this ), and thats inches prior to impact. Quixote say, good golfer maintain lag until Frame 8. Does that mean El Tigre poor golfer for not complying with crazy Quixote? Or, maybe Quixote need long, long, rest. Hope you feel better!

I'd like it if El Tigres head were a tad more toward center.

Red part of Armouralls quote below is demonstrated in frame 7.

Take notes Quixote, you want your pics to reinforce your point, not disprove them!;)

quote:Originally posted by armourall

quote:Originally posted by corky05

They don't maintain lag beyond the vertical allignments of the swing center(left Shoulder). Pictures don't lie ,Ed!
Page 183 Nov 04' Golf digest.
Ed, is the clubhead ahead of the shaft immediately after the vertical alignments of left shoulder, hands, and clubshaft?
Yes! No ambiguity! No misunderstanding!

Therefore swing center lies at left shoulder. Case closed!

Actually, the clubhead passes the shaft well before impact. ;)
Ed (Quixote),
My points been proven. I thank you! You were the MVP! To no surprise, the pictures you presented worsened your argument.
Armourall's point was spot on!

Was it Tammy Wynette that sung,"What Part of No, Don't You Understand"?
Hope you feel better!
Originally posted by EdZ

Originally posted by corky05

No, Ed! Your position is incorrect because what you say is happening is inconsistant with what really is happening. The pictures don't lie. I havn't anything to defend. The onus is on you. The established idea prevails until you can dissuade us. You've only reinforced why Homer was correct. You are your own worst enemy. You dig the hole deeper and deeper. "tempest venturi" ball socket in the sternum!
I don't remember, but it must have been a good one!

(Ed Quote)
Your inability, or unwillingness, to understand my position does not make my view incorrect, but I see that you assume that it does. Your inability to defend YOUR position with anything other than "I'm right and your wrong", while amusing, doesn't mean you have defended your view.

Fine Corky - you win. You must be correct.(End Quote)

Ed, You can't make some one like you! And, you can't make some one see your point of view! Get over it! As a rule, I will no longer engage in discussion and debate with somebody who is so closed minded. You're either right or the droves of people that object,"Just don't understand you". Look how many times you've said that over the last couple of weeks? Astounding, isn't it? Take a hike, weirdo!


Corky - you will no longer engage in discussion or debate? now that is funny - you haven't engaged in this one! Answer the question Corky!

Close minded? - that is funny AND ironic coming from you.
Your failure to understand doesn't mean others haven't.

You crack me up...

Just out of curiousity, how old are you Corky?
It never is debate and discussion with you. You just keep shoving the square peg in the round hole. I wish I had a dollar for everytime you have claimed somebody misunderstood you! How can one person be misunderstood by so many people? Because you serve up crap. Put another way, "you can't polish a turd". Resonate on that one awhile.
Hope you feel better,Quixote!
quote:Originally posted by EdZ

njmp - answer this question:

Why, and how is axis tilt relative to ball position and right wrist bend?

Is this still going on?

I don't lean to the right as much as you, so it isn't for me.
I don't have such a pronounced axis tilt as you do. I stay more centered, slight tilt. At impact fix my driver has the least bend of the right arm and yet the ball is further from the middle then my short clubs which have more right hand bend with a more centered ball position. Funny.

The one think I have noticed and all of your babbling is how “position ordinated” you have become and you have rid not only pleasure from most of the regular forum members but you seem to have lost feel in your swing.

A bigger man, an intelligent person might have stopped all this, regrouped the thinking of their position or at least its presentation and resuscitate it in the spring. But no, you relentlessly badger people with, “If you understood it you would see I’m right.”
Open a dictionary and look up narcissist and see a picture of EdZ
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